Donna FINALLY Has Fun With EET, Loses 13 Lbs in 70 days = Bikini Time! PICS

I had watched some of my closest friends struggle with their weight a great majority of their lives.  While I was sympathetic, I had never experienced it… Until now….so I hope SOMEONE is reading this!

          — EETer Donna as she started her EET Plan (left) and now 13 lbs lighter!

Like MOST new members of The EET Fitness Plan, Donna had some serious “Diet Think” issues when she first joined EET:

“Gotta suffer and struggle and GET THAT WEIGHT OFF NOW!”

Mr. EET said to her what he says to all EETers and anyone else who’s willing to listen:

If I could never succeed on diet plans that preach willpower and suffering so you can learn to deprive yourself of the foods you love,  then why in the world would I design a plan that asks you to do these things?


Donna finally got done beating herself up enough to hear EET’s message, and readers got their first glimpse of Donna’s transformation from “Dieter” to EETer here:

How EET REALLY Works for Weight Loss – NO STRESS = SUCCESS! Real EETer Example

Since then, Donna has “loosened up a bit”, LOST A BUNCH MORE WEIGHT and is now well on her way to permanent weight loss ENJOYING EET.  She knows EET can help others and was nice enough to share her experience for EET’s blog — It’s kind of a long read–but a fun one, and everyone should make TIME for EET and for FUN so here you go!

I am really excited about EET…. My energy level and happiness factor are SOO great!  Maybe I WILL take up that career in Disco Skating after all…

“Will EET work for me-e?” (This must be said/sung like a military march chant.) 

Really, I had NO doubt.”

You see, a great, long-time friend of mine showed up for lunch one day and her skin looked AMAZING and she’d lost weight.  I asked her what she was doing and she said,  “EET”.  Well, if you knew this friend I am talking about, you’d understand.  She is WITH IT:    She is a super bright, research queen (and a DARN good one!).  I had NO doubt that if SHE was doing it, I’d do it to cause baby, if it passed HER test, then it was ON!  :-)   The hardest thing for me to get my head around was that I NEEDED EET.  You see, I was blessed with AMAZING metabolism and weighed 117 my whole “after puberty” life!  Heck, I weighed 117 until I was 33 years old, eating and drinking anything I wanted without working out!   In fact, I was actually trying to GAIN 5 lbs!  (Gosh, I musta tried a little too hard! :-)

That amazing metabolism came to a screeching halt when I was prescribed steroids for THREE rounds of Bell’s Palsy (Yes, I said three rounds!).  My weight came up pretty quickly… Then leveled off.  Slowly, my weight creeped up a little more.  My metabolism wasn’t what it used to be… and then my age creeped up too! Can you say “Double Whammy”?!  I had watched some of my closest friends struggle with their weight a great majority of their lives.  While I was sympathetic, I had never experienced it… Until now.

    EET has changed my life a LOT, in a very short time.  Truthfully.  I have eaten some CRAZY meals and foods on this plan:  Chicken and waffles, cheese nachos, steak, bread, cupcakes, hamburgers, tacos, cheese fondue…  and I have managed to loose over 13 lbs. in ten weeks!  Who would THINK!?! 

The crazy thing is that I only have 6.8lbs. more to go!!!  Now don’t go crazy reading this thinkin’, “Man, let me hit that fondue” because I have also been walking, doing my exercise timing (OBVIOUSLY!) and I have traded things here and there to HAVE that food that I want!  I eat egg whites in the morning and chicken at night and while I dearly miss my morning orange juice, I KNOW that I CAN have it… I may just have it a “little later in the day”.  I am now at the point in my personal plan that I can start adding in even MORE of my favorites!!!  REALLY!?!?!?  Can this be true?!

     Mr. EET is hyped up about his plan, isn’t he?  NON stop for that guy!  But guess what?  He has a REASON to be hyped up:  You all CAN do this and love it!  It IS sustainable, isn’t it!?!!?  For some of you, the blogs are precious and help you keep going.  For others, perhaps you don’t have time to read many blogs but find inspiration from the videos or just from KNOWING that Mr. EET is there… And, let’s face it, some of you barely have TIME to read or watch anything so I hope SOMEONE is reading this!

     I never thought I’d ever say, “Gee, I sure like my orange Metamucil”!  I never thought I’d pull that stuff out and mix with a purpose… Sometimes in public!  :D  Ha ha ha!  NO kidding!  But I DO know this:  I am feeling sooo good about myself that my husband and I are going to the beach in July.  By that point, there is NO DOUBT in my mind that I will be BELOW my goal weight and happy.  I have already told my husband that his wife will be wearing her bikini EVERYWHERE around the island!!!  :D  And you know what?!  That is MORE than ok because I have made a life change and truthfully,

I feel like I really haven’t worked that hard at it or sacrificed much if anything at all!

I am really excited about continuing my EET path of weight loss, metabolism building and exercise timing.  In fact, I just had enchiladas for lunch (after swimming some laps in the pool) and I am soo full! My energy level and happiness factor are SOO great!  Maybe I WILL take up that career in Disco Skating after all…

Thanks to Donna and CONGRATS!  EET loves seeing fun people doing what they do best so we’ll do all we can do be sure you keep having fun and losing weight!

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