Good Days and Bad Days for Weight Loss Success

Everyone agrees that in life you experience good days and bad days.  Yet when it comes to weight loss and fitness too many people adopt a different mindset.

Somehow, the rules change and if there is a bad day on your plan, it means you have failed at the plan and there is no sense in continuing to follow it.

This is as true for diet plans as it is for going to the gym to exercise. Once you stop following the regimen, even for the shortest of times, many people simply abandon their efforts and write it off as “another failed plan”.

There is no other skill (yes, weight loss and fitness is an acquired skill, most are certainly not born with this ability) that people abandon as quickly and with as little tolerance for error as attempts at weight loss and fitness plans.

Imagine trying to ski and leaving the slopes as soon as you fall down for the first time. Or trying to learn a foreign language and giving up as soon as you don’t understand one word or phrase. Clearly, the process of following a lifetime weight loss and/or fitness program is greatly misunderstood.

EET and EAT were founded to solve this problem. The plans, by definition, are tailored to your current lifestyle. If it’s not, it’s pretty clear from the 98% failure rate of other plans that you won’t stay with EET/EAT either.

What this means is that some days you will have time to focus and be thoroughly prepared for your efforts at EET or EAT, and you should take advantage of those days and get the weight loss and fitness these plans provide. These are good days

On other days, you will get caught up with other important issues and you won’t follow the guidelines very well, if at all. Still other days your food cravings will get the best of you. These are bad days.

There are other days that fall somewhere in between. You eat well, but not often enough, you exercise but mess up the timing.

Based on your experiences with OTHER diet and fitness plans, you will be tempted to view these days where things don’t go as planned as failures, and figure you are now “off” EET or EAT. THIS IS NOT TRUE.

If it’s a one time event, you will easily be able to get right back on your schedule the next day (or sooner). If it’s a particular meal or workout that you simply cannot make work, then EET or EAT MUST BE ADJUSTED TO FIT YOUR SCHEDULE.

EET and EAT recognize and include good days, bad days and all in between days as part of the Plan. You will probably have more good days as your skills in following the Plan improve. But no matter how well you know the Plan, some days just don’t work out. These bad days have to be part of EET and EAT. If they were not, how realistic would it be to expect you to stay with the Plan for the long haul?

In other words, it’s not a failure if you can’t follow the Plan. It means the Plan simply needs to be adjusted to the level you can follow it. And of course you can continue to follow the many other beneficial guidelines of EET and EAT even if a few areas are not working for you.

If it’s a guideline that you would really like to add to your lifestyle but have not been able to make work after a reasonable effort, then, by using Progressions (see prior post) you can develop the skills to add that guideline of EET or EAT to your schedule.

As was previously discussed, we are all dieters for life, but that doesn’t mean you have to suffer to follow a weight loss or fitness plan. EET and EAT are not concerned with how perfectly you follow the guidelines or what results you achieve in the short run. By changing the focus to the LONG TERM, these 2 plans are absolutely flexible enough to continue to work when you schedule simply does not allow you to follow the guidelines.

The biggest challenge you will find to staying with EET or EAT are the preconceived notions you have of what it means to stay with a diet or exercise plan.

If you’ll take the time to truly understand the message of this essay, you will be able to take great advantage of the good days and minimize the bad days while loving your EET/EAT plan and the fact you have finally found a plan you can stay on permanently.


2 thoughts on “Good Days and Bad Days for Weight Loss Success

  1. Jon:

    Nice blog, great information. It helps because sometimes our progress is not linear and you have used great analogies to help communicate your point!

    Thank you!

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