When Mrs. EET Speaks, You Better Listen!

Mrs. EET (My wife) is a huge fan of the EET Fitness Plan.

I knew I must be on to something good when she volunteered to give EET FITNESS a try 7 months ago when I first started testing participants. Normally, she’s not all that crazy about my “great ideas”.

Over the last 7 months she has been a huge help in EET’s growth contributing recipes and other great ideas, and, more importantly:

Mrs. EET has lost 23 pounds by following EET’s timing guidelines, and eating what she loves.

The only problem with her role in EET is that she has refused to speak up about her success, and how much she is enjoying the plan.

Until NOW.

Mrs. EET takes her eating freedom very seriously, and when she heard a few offhand comments that Mr. EET was “forcing her” to follow the plan to lose weight, she decided to take action.

First of all, a couple of comments here from Mr. EET:

1) Not a good idea to make Mrs. EET angry. Don’t let the friendly smile fool you.

2) Even if I wanted to, how many husbands do you know that can successfully “force” their wives to lose weight? Talk about an impossible weight loss plan!


Mrs. EET accomplished something amazing this weekend and agreed to share it with the followers of EET’s Blog:

On Saturday, she ate over 3200 calories following EET’s guidelines

and on Sunday she at over 2500 calories again timing her eating and exercise using EET.

And I wouldn’t call her food choices “low fat” either.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies,

8 Cups of popcorn smothered in butter,

and a full creole dinner in Berkeley with Dessert give you a few highlights of her weekend.

The rest is detailed below for those interested.

I gotta admit, when I reviewed this list of foods, even I was in awe.

ANY EXPERTS OUT THERE: How many Weight Watcher’s Points does all this add up to????!!!!

Mrs. EET knows how to eat!



Same weight as she was on Friday Morning! 23 Pounds below her starting weight and eating as much as ever. 7 months of following EET’s Timing guidelines has helped her metabolism work for her to create the body she wants, and she has not sacrificed GOOD SIZED PORTIONS of any of the foods she loves.

Any more questions if I am forcing her to “diet” to lose weight? 🙂

Oh, and this is not the first time this has happened either–it happens more and more the longer you follow the EET Fitness Guidelines.

My wife is pleased, so much so she agreed to share this info with you. Hopefully it won’t be the last we hear from her because she really gets EET and can really help others lose weight while eating what they love as well.

Your questions or comments always welcome!


(estimated calories next to each food item)

AM: quick iso
Wake Up: coffee with 1 cup of milk – 90
lucky charms with all bran and 1 cup milk 200

late-morning: coffee with 1 cup of milk, peanut butter choco chip cookie dough (1 cookie-ish) 250
lunch: turkey sandwich on two slices of w/w bread with spinach/mustard, water, 1 cookie 450
Strength Circuit – tabata
treat meal:
popcorn – approx. 6 cups popped in oil, 3 Tbsp butter, 1/4 cup nutritional yeast, salt 850
6 giant malt balls 300
4 toffee/choc. candies 200
1/3 cup jelly bellies 300
3 cookies (peanut butter/choc chip) 375
coffee/milk 90
Dinner: spinach – 1 cup, slice of turkey, water 100
wake up: coffee/1 cup milk 90
hike with friends – water
noon: coffee / 1 cup milk 90
w/w tortilla with peanut butter (2 Tbsp) 250
1 cookie – peanut butter and chocolate chip 125
Strength Circuit – Tabata
Early dinner: Angeline’s in Berkeley
hush puppies (2) with butter 200
Lemonade/Unsweetened Iced Tea – 2 glasses 200
jambalaya (1 cup) 500
mac and cheese – 1/4 cup 300
potato salad – 1/4 cup 250
brussel sprouts in sage butte (almost 1/4 cup?) 100
1/3 of each dessert: flourless choc. torte, pecan pie, beignet 500
Before bed: green tea


2 thoughts on “When Mrs. EET Speaks, You Better Listen!

  1. More validation. I did the 16 mile run and 8 mile bike ride but did not time most of my thousands of calories (some identical to Mrs. EET) and gained 4 lbs. over the weekend.

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