5 Marathon Training Runs Complete – 6hrs total – Ready?


TRAINING RUN 5 OF 5  — Originally scheduled

WEEK OF FEB 28 1 TRAIL RUN – 10 miles with STEEP hills and 1-2 bike rides
definitely bald hill once and possibly china camp


8-9 Mile trail run with long gradual up and down grades to simulate Napa course.
Not planning on doing any mountain bike rides as originally scheduled.

For anyone interested the course I ran was from my house up to yolanda trail down to phoenix lake up to 5 corners, up hill to 6 points then back on 2nd half of yolanda back to my house.


This run went as planned. It was really cold and rained hard for a good portion of the run which I felt was good preparation for Sunday as rain is in the forecast.

I cannot begin to tell you how much more I like trail running than running on pavement. Beautiful views, waterfalls, fun bobbing and weaving over and around rocks and mud, less pounding on your body. This run was actually kind of fun and relaxing.

I will keep that feeling in my mind as I run on Sunday becuase today’s run also reminded me how much I DON’T LIKE ROAD RUNNING.


1) Legs were pain free at the start and only felt a little fatigue at the end of an 85 minute run.

2) Found and maintained “Marathon” running pace. After training run 4/5 I am convinced this will be the most important step in completing the Napa Marathon — I am used to short intense workouts and need to find that “patience” that comes with running for 4 or more hours. Today I found it but the marathon is a LOT longer and will be tougher, but at least today went well.

3) Fixed the achilles blister problem — hopefully the taping I did will hold up for 26+ miles.


1) Didn’t feel as strong as I would like running in the cold and the rain. Will likely be colder starting at 7 am Sunday morning. Have to adjust pace accordingly

2) Clothing is an issue — I don’t mind rain but I don’t have good rain gear and my hands and head got really cold — don’t plan to wear gloves or a hat so this could be a problem but I will have to make due.


1) Kept up my EET interval workouts monday and tuesday — will be doing less exercise for the rest of the week (upper body and core intervals mostly) and nothing on saturday–not sure about friday, will see how I feel.

2) I’m nervous but really shouldn’t be–this is about EET and the level of fitness it has produced for me.  I can only get in the way by trying too hard.

I feel if I can stay patient with my pace, that EET has prvoided me the  fitness to complete the marathon — I do NOT feel a couple more training runs or bike rides would make a significant difference in my readiness.

3) My joints have been amazingly pain free throughout my training runs. My muscles have been sore but recovered very well when I handled the eating timing properly, and my knees, back, ankles and feet have been virtually pain free the entire time (short of the blisters which don’t count). EET has certainly done a great job of strengthening my joints as running the pavement for miles and miles really pounds your body.


Will save the real eating for Sunday after the Marathon, but still had a fine treat meal to enhance recovery from this last training run, which included the single most important “healthy eating” core food in my diet:

The food I give a LOT of credit to for my success using EET:

Hoping to have one waiting forme after the race on Sunday

Truly inspirational!

Well it was a LONG HARD 6 Hours and 10 minutes of training — time to put EET Fitness to the test Sunday — will update the good bad and ugly of my efforts at the Napa Marathon soon.


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