HUGE Increase In Calories = 3/4 Pound Weight LOST!!

Don’t want to upstage the prior post from Mrs. EET,  but here is an eating update I simply had to share:

I have been working on eating more calories while maintaining or losing weight using EET.  I have several months of data I plan to share soon, with some impressive results.

But last weekend was so dramatic I felt it deserved immediate recognition.

Over a 3 day period, I ate an average of 3348 calories per day and LOST 3/4 of a POUND from 165.5 down to

164 3/4!

This is far more calories per day than I ate when I weighed 180-200 pounds.

I did this while only doing my normal 20 minutes per day of exercise.

And you know I did this eating the “good stuff”  — FOODS I LOVE! Like 5 of these Beignets at the Creole restaurant Sunday night:

Plus lots and lots of other similar perfect “marathon training food” :-).

I continue to improve my metabolism and fitness by using The EET Fitness Plan — EATING AND EXERCISE TIMING!

I would love to provide the rest of this week’s results but I have to change my eating and exercise timing for this freaking Marathon this weekend.

You would think i would lose more weight running all those miles–  you would be wrong  –will explain some other time.

Once the marathon is over, I will continue my efforts to eat more calories and maintain or (as in this 3 day sample) LOSE weight with NO additional exercise!


DATE            WEIGHT               CALORIES EATEN THAT DAY

2/28/2010     165.5                         3520

3/1/2010         165.5                        3795

3/2/2010        165.5                        2730

3/3/2010           164.75 !!!!

Average Calories Eaten over 2/28-3/2/2010 =3348!


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