Napa Marathon Completed w/only 5 Training Runs



Sure, I ran a complete 26.2 mile marathon with only 5 training runs, but the above pic tells the bigger story. It’s from the San Anselmo Bakery on the day before the race (Saturday afternoon) when I got my favorite maple covered custard filled donut. Delicious and added to the carb loading for my successful marathon run!

Don’t have my marathon pics or film ready yet — will do another post with those–but EET is about EATING WHAT YOU LOVE, getting the body you want and improving your fitness at the same time–so I think this may be a better pic of my marathon experience.


I finished the Napa Marathon today successfully in an official 4 Hours and 27 minutes (technically 4:26 “chip” time which they track when I actually crossed the starting line which took over a minute to get to). This comes out to just over 10 minutes a mile.

So I went from 20 minute interval workouts 5-6 times per week to running over 4 hours and 20 minutes all at once — without EET fitness there is no way I could have done that without weeks and weeks of horrible grueling road running training–I shudder at the thought.

I’m going to do a follow up post with more info on the race and my eating plan (as best I can rebuild it–I ate a LOT) before, during and after the race, but I wanted to update those interested tonight so

Here are the highlights of the Marathon for EET:

1) Finished training runs and Marathon Completely injury free

Quad muscles are very sore, but other than blisters I ran 26.2 miles taking a pretty good pounding on the hard pavement, and I have no injuries or even joint aches and pains to show for it. I personally consider this the most impressive accomplishment of the EET Fitness Plan as it shows the effectiveness of 20 minutes per day of carefully designed exercise properly timed with eating–at least it does to me.

2) Did not stop running the entire 26.2 miles

This was probably not the best strategy, for a number of reasons, but I knew I could not break 4 hours before the race even started because I wanted to keep my pace VERY SLOW for the first 13-15 miles to ensure I had a good chance to finish once I got past mile 16 where I had to stop before. So I decided to “trust my fitness” as provided by EET and see if I could do the entire race without stopping or walking–and I am pleased to say I did it. Sometimes I’m sure it looked like walking, but I swear it was running.

Miles 24-26 were just brutal–you would think since you’re so close you could “psych up” and just cruise in to the finish — no such luck for me. This is where you either have the fitness to keep running or you don’t — well actually anything past 15 miles is where you either have the fitness to keep running or you don’t, and thanks to EET, I do.

3) First half of the marathon was an absolute breeze

EET allowed me to complete the entire 26.2 mile marathon, but, based upon how strong I felt at mile 13 today, I believe EET fat burning interval workouts offer enough fitness to run a STRONG time in a half marathon — however, I will not be attempting to prove this anytime SOON EVER. Maybe another EET Fitness participant can prove it?

As further evidence of this, it’s interesting to note that duing my training runs, I actually ran a half marathon distance (14.5 miles) with only 1 training run of over 5 miles.

4) Thanks to all well wishers for your support

Thank you so much for all the encouragement I received. It helps a lot to know there’s people hoping you do well.

This same sort of support and encouragement is what I hope to provide all of you when it comes to you achieving your weight loss and fitness goals, so please take advantage of my offer to work directly with you to help you build your personal PERMANENT weight loss and fitness plan.

Believe me, permanent weight loss and fitness is a nearly impossible goal if you go it alone. You’ll do a lot better FASTER if you let someone help you with your EET efforts, and, for now, that someone is me.

More updates soon.


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