EAT Pioneer Yuki M. Loses 12 Lbs w/NO EXERCISE or Food Restrictions

Pic on Left BEFORE: From JANUARY 2010 after Yuki had already lost more than 5 pounds.  She did not take an official “before” picture in November 2009 when she started EAT.

Pics on Right AFTER:  From March 2010 – NICE! (click on pics to enlarge)

When Yuki M. heard the details of the EET Fitness Plan in November 2009 and was told how little exercise it took to accomplish permanent weight loss, she laughed.

“You think 20 minutes a day is a LITTLE exercise? I don’t exercise for 1 minute.”

She continued to cross examine me in her very direct (but friendly 🙂 ) style:

“Look, if eating timing is so critical to weight loss, can’t I just shift the foods I eat using the eating timing guidelines and lose weight without exercise?”

That question led to the research that started The EAT (Eating and Activity Timing) Weight Loss Plan, and Yuki was it’s first participant.

Since then, Yuki has become a master of EAT’s Timing Guidelines, which include EATING WHAT SHE LOVES every day, and she has lost 12+ pounds with absolutely no exercise whatsoever! And this short 4 month period included the holiday season!

And as you can see from her picture, the weight she has lost is often described in weight loss circles as “the toughest last 10 (in Yuki’s case 12+) pounds”. But they weren’t tough for Yuki to lose and as you can see from her picture there simply isn’t much more weight she can lose!

The main thing about Yuki’s success using EAT is that she really gets the difference between


EET and EAT have no rules, only guidelines.  This means if Yuki needs to eat something, ANY FOOD YOU CAN THINK OF,  believe me, it doesn’t matter what time it is, she eats it. And when she can be more exact with her eating timing, shes makes perfect choices.

She understands the KEY to the EET/EAT Plans:  You can lose weight and still make a bunch of “mistakes” along the way if you take the time to really UNDERSTAND and keep EAT’s guidelines in mind.

Yuki describes her experience like this:

I have to admit that I was very combative and argumentative when I started the program, but Jon is very patient and he worked around my issues to bring me to my current state; I am at the weight I was when I started college. I am usually suspicious of everything, but turning back 12 years on my body image is all the convincing I need to make me say “I think he’s on to something”.

Other “diets” can completely remove something that you love, whereas this program simply moves it around. I took small steps to get into my routine, and now I am eating according to the program without thinking much about it at all. It’s not so much “a program that I follow”, rather it’s just the way I eat and live.

Now that I’m shooting for high school weight, I am taking activities and excercizing into consideration (whereas before I was adamant about upholding my status of “lazy ass”), just because I feel so damn good!


EAT takes advantage of the activities you want to do or need to do during your normal day, and coordinates the timing of those activities with your eating to get your metabolism working for you to help you lose weight.

In addition to activities, exercise is allowed and encouraged, but it’s never required and of course it would need to be properly timed in order to be effective.

EAT and Yuki continue to explore every possible avenue of weight loss she can work into her plan that she is willing to do EXCEPT:

1) We must NOT restrict her food choices — Yuki likes to eat out A LOT and

2) We are NOT adding any exercise — Yuki doesn’t doesn’t like to exercise, so
why add something to her plan that might work for a while but is not sustainable?

(NOTE: EAT has recently come up with some powerful OPTIONAL fat burning exercise routines that take less than 5 minutes and might be sustainable even for Yuki, but she has not added any exercise as of yet).


Yuki is also incredibly resourceful, and she came up with the idea to set up an EAT Weight Loss Twitter account where participants could get real time help with their EAT (or EET) plans throughout the day.

Yuki lists her eating and activities on this private twitter account (only participants have access) and EAT can provide input on her eating choices or answer her questions during the day.

If you are an EAT or EET participant go and check out her posts at our Twitter ID which is


I think you will be very impressed with Yuki’s varied menu and EAT “Core Foods” — here’s a sample:

Must Haves:

-man, I really like to eat those biscuits at red lobster for dinner, but I noticed my taste for them has gone down since I’ve been timing what I’m eating. I try to take extra home and just eat it the next day during my first (treat) meal.

-cake or donuts during my first (treat) meal

-maple and brown sugar oatmeal at first meal. So glad I found that weight loss version with extra fiber and protein in it

-candeyyyyyyyyy. I have a tin of soda pop jelly bellies that I need to remember to snack on during early meals

Yuki’s tweets have proven very effective. Recently, Yuki was plateauing for a week or more at a given weight so EAT was able to go back to Twitter and review weeks worth of “Tweets” and discovered some changes in her eating that she was then able to correct. Her weight is now back down to the lowest she has been since starting EAT.


The current weight loss and fitness industry success rate of 2% is simply not good enough for The EET and EAT Plans.

EET and EAT have many successful participants to date–but these plans are relatively new and most are only a few months into their efforts. Success for EAT/EAT will be defined by how many participants can make their plans and their weight loss LONG TERM.

Knowing how good Yuki is at understanding and following the EAT guidelines it’s a very good bet she is well on her way to permanent weight loss. Also, it will not be surprising if she continues to lose as much weight as she decides she wants to lose using the EAT Weight Loss Plan, whether she ever adds exercise or not.

Since Yuki’s “pioneer days” in late 2009, EAT has added several new participants, each of which has lost weight, but there’s always room for improvement. I’m hopeful she will help me teach others how to follow EAT right!

Thanks so much to Yuki for sharing her story and for being such an important part of The EAT Weight Loss Plan.


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