EAT: Toni Worries 14 lbs She Lost in 2 Months Is A Fluke!

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Pic on Left Before EAT

Pic on Right After Just 2 Months On EAT Weight Loss 14 pounds lighter and looking great!

Toni is a very dear friend of mine who has expressed her desire to lose 10 pounds ever since I met her 5 year ago. She’s heard all about my “crazy” eating timing weight loss plan, and has been sitting on the fence for months while she watched others lose weight using the EET and EAT plans. In late January, while watching me and my wife enjoy our desserts after a great hike around Angel Island, she finally cracked and decided to give EAT Weight Loss a try.

LESS THAN 2 MONTHS LATER, Toni has become EAT’s “biggest loser” and in record time too. She’s lost 14 pounds and she was only looking to lose those last “tough 10”. Apparently, thanks to the EAT guidelines those last 10 just aren’t that tough to lose!

Toni is amazed at the speed of her weight loss, since as she puts it “she has not felt for one day like she is on a diet”. She worries that her weight loss is a fluke and she’s somehow luckily losing weight after years of having 10 extra pounds.

EAT can publicly assure Toni right here and now, her success is no fluke.

I constantly grill her on what she’s eating to be sure she’s not just starving herself. In addition to plenty of properly timed protein, fiber, vegetables, and water that are part of EAT’s guidelines she lists off the foods she’s eating that she loves. Regular lunches at great restaurants in downtown San Francisco. Check. An occasional dinner out at her favorite restaurants. Check. Peanut butter on fresh sourdough bread. Check. Chocolate Croissants. Check. Lattes. Check. Candy. Check.

Nope. No starving or suffering going on here. Just well managed EATING AND ACTIVITY TIMING and incredible weight loss results in a hurry.

The most exciting part of Toni’s success is how well her metabolism has responded to the shifting of her eating timing. Toni had assumed that her best days of fast metabolism were long gone. EAT knew otherwise, and it’s nice to have someone who still celebrates her “39th birthday” every year provide further proof to EAT’s claim that, “AT ANY AGE, your metabolism can help you lose weight without restricting your diet if you send the right metabolic messages at the right times!”

Another big part of Toni’s success is her great understanding of EAT’s guidelines for the role of activity in weight loss. She has increased her “power walking” at the correct times during her work days, and added some properly timed hiking on the weekends and when traveling.

Is EAT effective when traveling? Well, despite “eating a lot of the wrong things and some at the wrong times” Toni LOST 2 pounds on a recent vacation to Florida – EAT can be a life saver for weight management during vacations and holidays!

Toni has recently asked about adding some exercise, but EAT is encouraging Toni to let her timing changes become “2nd nature” first before adding more things to do. EAT is first and foremost a permanent plan, so there’s no need to rush anything, especially when the current plan is working so well.

Toni is looking great and feeling great and just keeps saying, “The EAT Plan is amazing!”

Nice words to hear, and EAT is proud to be a big part of Toni’s success, but it takes an amazing participant to really commit to learning and practicing EAT’s guidelines to achieve the level of success Toni has so quickly, so EAT (and I) think she’s pretty amazing too.

Thanks so much to Toni for sharing her story and for proving being open minded to new ideas can really pay off!


One thought on “EAT: Toni Worries 14 lbs She Lost in 2 Months Is A Fluke!

  1. You have to be impressed by Toni’s EAT results. She looks energetic despite dropping some weight – – and also note that Toni is a tiny person, so percentage-wise, her weight loss counts for more.

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