EET Fitness The CURE For Childhood Obesity? Alex Thinks So!

(click on pic to enlarge)

Childhood has enough struggles, The Eating and Exercise Timing Fitness Plan (EET) believes it can be a cure to take childhood obesity off of that list.

We know at least one person agrees with us, Alex Boatwright, and he should know.  The pic above says it all – from 230 pounds to 162 pounds in 6 months and he’s kept it off for nearly 2 years  (an even more fit 167 pounds in March 2010), using the eating and exercise timing guidelines of the EET Fitness Plan.

Alex was nice enough to pay EET a visit and share his story so others could be inspired — he certainly inspires me!  See and hear it for yourself here:

While the EET/EAT plans are highly effective for people of all ages (we all have to deal with TIME right?), they can be especially powerful for younger people who’s metabolism should be working on growing, not storing fat.

Thanks to Alex Boatwright and a few other young people, EET Fitness has proven it’s eating and exercise timing guidelines can unlock a young person’s metabolism and create permanent weight loss and fitness.

We welcome the chance to prove it to anyone else who can benefit from the EET and EAT plans, whatever your age!

Thanks to Alex for sharing and believing in the EET Fitness Plan!


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