Ex Atkins Dieter Now On EAT Shares Experience

I am a chronic dieter.

I have tried various programs, and they all seemed effective for a time, but all were difficult to stay with for various reasons.

Through many sorry years of experience, I have concluded there are basically two methods of weight control that worked for me:

1) Eat very little or

2) Eat primarily protein and fat, avoid starches and sugars (Atkins).

Both approaches work as long as you can stick with them, but the rebounds are nasty and tend to completely reverse any progress you may have made.

I wasn’t really looking for another diet plan, but then along came EAT. I was intrigued by what I had read about EAT, particularly the idea that carbohydrates are not your enemy, and so I decided to try the program.

I am only one month into the program, and certainly not an expert on it. The program sponsors have done a remarkable job of incorporating what appears to be an enormous amount of science into a fairly simple approach to eating.

To date, I have found it easy to adjust to EAT’s approach, and I find EAT far less restrictive than my normal routine. The personal guidance I have gotten has been consistently supportive and helpful, with no judgment (because really, as far as I can tell, no food is forbidden on the program–just redirected to different times and circumstances).

And I have been amazed by the results I have achieved while eating normal foods spiked with ‘evil’ carbohydrates. I have even allowed myself to regularly indulge in forbidden foods like grains, fruits, real ice cream and real candy (all of which usually meant the end of Atkins for me)–and still lost weight!

I’m definitely a fan of EAT, but thanks to my well worn path of yoyo dieting, I will probably remain skeptical for a long time, even if EAT continues to work. After years of struggle, I find it hard to believe losing weight can be this easy.

Many thanks to this new EATer — EATist? still working on our “cult” name 😉   –for sharing their thoughts. They can rest assured EAT is working around the clock to to reward open mindedness with permanent weight loss!


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