EET/EAT Pics : Diet Includes MUCH More Than Junk Food


It’s absolutely 100% true that The EAT/EET Plans have NO food restrictions:

This does not mean our entire diet is junk food all day every day!

In fact, EAT is more committed to a nutritious diet plan for optimal health than any other diet plan we know of, and we believe the pictures below that show real life examples of the foods we eat every day along with our treats will help prove that to you.

For further proof see this post: (title is link) DOCTOR’S RESULTS.

Trust me, you can’t lose over 30 pounds, lower your cholesterol 35 points in 90 days, lower your blood pressure to 96/62 (from 120/88) have tryglerceride readings reduce from 101 to 50 and blood sugar reduced from 98 to 86 without understanding how to eat a nutritious diet!

Don’t even get me started on this (title is link)

Napa Marathon Completed w/only 5 Training Runs ,

and (title is link)

EET: POST MARATHON 48 HOUR FULL RECOVERY because that sort of display of fitness simply doesn’t happen without nearly perfect nutrition (even then it doesn’t happen often).

What most people consider “junk food” is not an important priority to all EAT/EET Participants, and these folks lose a lot of weight in a hurry –see (titles are links)

EET: Chapman Loses 23 Lbs in 5 Months and  EAT: Toni Worries 14 lbs She Lost in 2 Months Is A Fluke! )

On the other hand, I and other EAT/EET Participants simply couldn’t stay on a diet without our treats, as we have a lot less willpower.  But with The EAT/EET Plans, everyone is happy because the guidelines work for all of our different priorities.

And, there’s another important motive to have a very nutritious diet — you need optimal health to take advantage of my favorite EET Plan Benefit – Properly timed EET workouts allow even MORE treats than the EAT plan offers.

How important is that to me? If I make it to May 8, 2010, that will mark 2 YEARS of not missing a single workout due to illness or injury – I have missed some due to laziness 😉 – that’s a pretty good sign of optimal health and more meaningful to me than all the great doctor and blood readings!

EAT/EET is very proud of our discoveries that have allowed more and more people to eat what they love, improve their health and to lose weight, and we will admit, we have probably gone a little overboard in showing just how much of the foods you love one can eat :-).

We are very sorry if we confused any of our readers (but not sorry for having eaten all that great food! Okay, okay, I’ll stop.)

Make no mistake: EAT will help you develop a very nutritious diet for better health, AND any food you love can be included in your diet at the appropriate time(s) every single day.

So check out these “nutritious meal” pics that are part of our plan but be warned: If you eat many of these “healthy” foods at the wrong times, you WILL GAIN WEIGHT – that’s how critical eating timing is to weight loss and fitness.

Eggwhite Omelette w/Salsa Veggies and Cottage Cheese + 1 Slice Turkey Breast Meat Loaf

Green Tea -- caffeine and decaf -- use em both

Chicken Barley Casserole w/ Franks Hot Sauce, Apple, Dilly Bar 🙂 and Water

Tuna Salad w/Low Fat Ranch Dressing Sugar Free Yogurt w/ Oat Bran Blueberries Garlic Powder Franks Hot Sauce

Whole Wheat Pasta w/ Garlic pepper Chicken, Tomato Sauce, Veggies

Turkey Sandwich on Bagel with Veggies Relish and Franks Sauce

Crunchy Corn Bran Cereal

Starbucks Non Fat Latte

The ORIGINAL EET Chicken Sandwich - Sliced Grilled Chicken, Roasted Pineapple Salsa, Franks Sauce, Veggies, Low Carb Tortilla (Shrimp Optional)

Franks Hot Sauce - Makes everything taste better and not too hot for those who can't handle most hot sauces

Canned Boneless Skinless Salmon -- this brand tastes great--best we've found

Lindt 85% Caocao -- careful with your Caocao--huge nutritional differences out there!

Roasted Edamame Nuts

Trail Mix (this particular one--HUGE differences be careful!) and Honey Roasted Peanuts

Blue Diamond Smoked Almonds


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