EET: Blue In The Face Over Water And Brownies

EET is not your Jenny Craig consultant saying

“Don’t eat that brownie, you’ll regret it and those celery stalks are  more satisfying!”

We’re more like your college buddy who says, “IT’S TIME! Let’s see who can eat more of these brownies and still lose weight! “

Not exactly that extreme, but hopefully you get the point.

EET are the good guys.  We want you to have fun with your eating while still losing weight and becoming more fit!   And you can do this by improving your metabolism which is what EET is all about.

Here’s a little proof that we hope will help you while improving EAT/EET’s image.

EAT/EET’s guidelines call for drinking water throughout the day.   It’s fair to describe our efforts to get participants to drink more water at all times as “Blue in the face”.

We REALLY want you to drink more water.

But, despite our bluest in the face efforts, we are just not convinced our message is being heard.

And despite what some might think.  EAT/EET doesn’t just make this stuff up.  Here are a couple of links you can read that should do the trick, or at least make you feel more guilty about skipping the water than eating an important treat like a brownie (for the record we like the Blonde Brownies – Mom’s are still the best we’ve ever had!)

Does Drinking Water Speed Up Metabolism

Drink, Drink, Drink – How Water Increases Metabolism

To summarize, why drink more water?

It increases your metabolism.

It’s incredibly important to permanent weight loss and fitness


EAT/EAT will never give up our efforts to help make permanent weight loss easy, so we will find out what’s beyond “Blue in the face” and keep driving home the message to



2 thoughts on “EET: Blue In The Face Over Water And Brownies

  1. I just read a blurb on what Ray Lewis eats to be such a specimen. Chicken, fish and drink 2 gallons of water a day. I suppose he could mix in some brownies as well!

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