Are You Ready To “Fly Solo” To Permanent Weight Loss?

The only things worth learning are the things you learn after you know it all.

–Harry S. Truman

Think you are ready to “fly solo” and achieve permanent weight loss with your current knowledge of EAT/EET? Let’s find out. Here’s a “system’s check” of your progress towards permanent weight loss using EAT/EET.

Here are the 5 things EAT/EET would say are a participant’s daily TOP PRIORITIES (in order):

NOTE: TOTAL TIME FOR ALL 5 PRIORITES = 10-15 minutes per day MAXIMUM. EAT/EET’s guidelines specifically say you are not allowed to spend more than 15 minutes per day.

PRIORITY 1. Forecast – prepare basic forecast with EAT/EET Consultant after your first week and update in writing daily (2 minutes)**.

PRIORITY 2. Review your core foods list and food progressions daily and update. (2 min)

PRIORITY 3. Submit a daily diary to your EAT/EET Consultant for review and suggestions. Ask questions to learn how to handle situations throughout the week. (5 minutes)

PRIORITY 4. Review all EAT/EET Guidelines daily (1 page – 2-3 minutes) and entire new participant booklet weekly.

PRIORITY 5 Follow the schedule of timing for your eating, activity and exercise as closely as possible.

** A related high priority is to prepare as much food as possible and have what you need on hand for the week before the week starts. (2 hours grocery shopping/cooking, etc – should be no extra time vs your normal schedule – less if you shop multiple times per week or wait in line at fast food, deli’s, etc. frequently.  EAT/EET guides you to be more organized so this time is not included in the time spent per day).

There priorities are more important than what you eat? More important than exercise?

According to EAT/EET , the answer is absolutely, postively – YES.

EAT/EET doubts any other weight loss or fitness plan has those priorities — Here’s an educated guess of priorities for most diet plans (not sure about the order):

1. Watch what you eat — eat “healthy” foods — observe portion control and reduce calories (endless amounts of time – sustainable?)

2. Be sure you get your exercise in (hours and hours each week – sustainable?)

3. Work on your willpower (endless amount of effort – suffering)

4. Stay away from situations where you might eat the wrong things or binge (how do you handle eating out, vacations and holidays or even going to a ball game?)

5. Make sure your weight is going down each week or you are doing something wrong (suffering)

Despite these all being successful short term weight loss tactics, these are the priorities that statistically have produced a 98% FAILURE/REBOUND RATE. So, are they the best priorities for permanent weight loss?

According to EAT/EET , the answer is absolutely, positively – NO.


98% of all dieters fail within the first year. And, there’s another even more sobering stat:

Virtually all dieters who gain the weight back end up weighing more than when they started their diet!

If you don’t respect the risk of your weight rebounding, the statistics say you are not facing reality.


EAT/EET has carefully designed its top priorities to get your new eating, activity and exercise timing into your subconscious. The habits you developed to accomplish your weight loss have got to become second nature in order to make sure you don’t end up just another rebound statistic.

EET’s Founder has been very successful using EET Fitness for over 2 years. Despite being 20 pounds below his original goal weight, he’s still plenty focused on learning all EAT/EET has to offer to prevent a personal rebound. He’s definitely not ready to fly solo, it’s just too risky.

If you believe you are ready to fly solo but are not spending 10-15 minutes per day working on EAT/EET’s top 5 priorities (and please remember, you are not allowed to spend more than 15 minutes), then consider this your “co-pilot’s” official notice there’s a warning light flashing — time to reprogram your priorities if you want your best chance at permanent weight loss!

We sincerely hope you learn EAT/EET’s priorities, guidelines and strategies. Each is carefully designed to make permanent weight loss second nature. It’s important to learn and master these before you need them. If you scramble to try to learn them when a problem arises it might just be too late.


2 thoughts on “Are You Ready To “Fly Solo” To Permanent Weight Loss?

  1. 1. Plenty of water throughout the day

    2. Main meal early as possible within metabolic window (2 hours)

    3. Light activity (15 min walk) after main meal.

    4. Reduce carb intake as day passes. None at night if possible.

    5. If you need it eat it.

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