What EAT/EET is Reading About Weight Loss

Here are some good links we have run into recently that offer a variety of perspectives on Weight Loss and Fitness

Please remember, the more you learn, the more weight you will lose and the closer you will be to permanent weight loss:

To Burn More Fat, Skip Breakfast Before Workout – June 03, 2010

another study that confirms EET’s TIMING GUIDELINES!

10 minutes of exercise a day may keep the doctor away

HEALTHBEAT: Mapping metabolism during workouts in quest to improve


This is what EET Fitness has been saying all along — now come the studies to prove it!

Four Secrets to Finally Achieving the Weight Loss Health, and Fitness Results You Want


7 Secrets to Staying Fit on the Road

Can’t Lose Weight? It May Not Be a Lack of Willpower

More testing that will help no one.  Whatever.

Truth About

Sugar Addiction

Fast Tricks To Increase Your Metabolism

Role of water in weight loss:


Foods to Boost Your Metabolism


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