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If you just want to check out the entire site click here:

If you only want to see the new stuff here are direct links:


1)  EET Success Story Lisa demonstrating EET’s Fat Burning interval workouts
(with great comments at the end that can really help you!)

on EET’s Home Page — Click here and scroll down below the first 2 videos to go there now.

2)  1st 3 Installments of

EET’s Top Reasons you are not losing weight and what you can do about it now.

on EET’s Free Video Page — Click the title or here to go there now.

3)  Sign up for EET’s new mailing list — You’ll get Free Sneak Preview Videos and other EET Secrets as they are offered if you do.

Click here to send us your email address and be added to the list–if you know of others you think could benefit or might be interested in EET updates, feel free to forward their names and/or email addresses to us too – no cost or obligation of course.


1)  A Bunch of New Tutorial Videos

#8)   EET Fat Burning Interval Workouts
8a)   2 Demonstration videos of how to do both of EET’s Fat Burning Interval Workouts
#17)  EET Forecasting
#18)  Creating Metabolic Windows

There may be more because many of them have been added in the last week so review them all!  They are all on the MEMBER VIDEO PAGE

Click HERE to go there now!

2)  Updates to EET’s Member FAQ’s

Many new entries added — a whole lot more to go.  Click HERE to go there now.


3)  Updates to EET’s Resource Library

Details on 10511, Metabolic Windows and more — just getting started here but there’s already plenty to study.  This area will be a major focus for the coming week.

Click HERE to go there now.

Much much more to come — Hope you find the info helpful!


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