67 yr old Diabetic Heart Attack Sufferer Becoming Athlete

TOP PIC  MARCH 2010  233 POUNDS    BOTTOM PIC  SEPTEMBER 2010  193 POUNDS – click to enlarge pic

If Jim doesn’t inspire you to want to lose weight and become more fit using EET, then I guess it’s just not gonna happen.

For those who haven’t been following Jim’s story – you can get caught up by watching these videos (click on title):

VIDEO: EET Helps 10 Yr Diabetic Lower Blood Sugar In 1 Week! (march 2010)

EET: VIDEO – 27 Lbs Lost in 90 days / Diabetes Under Control! (June 11)

For those who want a quicker version:

MARCH 2010

  • Jim has a history of serious Type 2 Diabetes with blood readings over 300, was taking a wide variety of medications and was about to go on insulin shots just before he started the EET Fitness Plan in March 2010.

  • Jim has suffered a heart attack.

  • Jim weighed in at 233 pounds in March 2010, and “wished he could somehow lose weight because he wasn’t eating much but he just couldn’t lose weight”.

  • Jim said it would be a miracle if he could lose 50 pounds, avoid insulin shots and maybe someday get off of some of of the many medications he was required to take each day.


(Here’s where EET is supposed to have a great video with Jim telling you how amazing EET has been.  Well, Mr. EET went to get a video update, and managed to turn the camera off during a large portion of Jim’s comments – great.  At least I got Jim’s current picture!  Anyhow, here is the quick version):

  • Jim’s blood readings are now consistently 100 OR LOWER (a 200 point drop!).  He never went on insulin and is completely off half of his medications and his dosage is slowly being lowered on the rest.

  • Jim weighed in at 193 pounds this week.  A 40 POUND WEIGHT LOSS IN 6 MONTHS.  He eats lot more food (including some of his favorite treats like steak, bacon and ice cream) than he did when he couldn’t lose weight and continues to tell people he has never been hungry since starting EET.

  • Jim only has 10 more pounds to lose to achieve his miracle.  Now, like so many other EET members he’s PLANNING on losing at least 20 more pounds.  He said the best part is that he loves his EET plan and there’s no doubt he’ll stay on it – conventional dieter’s take note — THAT’S WHAT CREATES PERMANENT WEIGHT LOSS!

  • The way things are going for Jim, when we do our next video update in 90 days he’ll be past his “miracle weight”.  One thing’s for sure – he won’t be eating any less food to get there!


Since starting EET, Jim has only added 15 minutes of exercise to his daily routine but, using the correct timing,  the results have been amazing.  Jim has increased his ability dramatically at every exercise on his custom designed EET program, and now, only after a full 6 months of learning EET,  we are just starting to add some exercises that will help in taking Jim to even more weight loss and a level of fitness he probably wouldn’t have dreamed of just a few short months ago.

Jim is really starting to look athletic doing his workouts, and he’s already surprised his friends and family with his complete transformation.  But, even at age 67, using EET Progressions, we’re very confident there are even more amazing results to come.  EET is filming Jim’s exercise progress, and you’ll be seeing it soon.

If Jim doesn’t inspire you want to lose weight and become more fit using EET, then I guess it’s just not gonna happen, but it sure is happening for Jim!


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