New EET Member Doug Loses 15 lbs in 1st 12 Days – Emails

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Above is Doug’s most recent EET forecast/actual — edited for confidentiality (looks like a Government document!).  We did highlight the Rolos and the Trail Mix Doug enjoyed on a couple of days on his way to 15 pounds of weight loss because rolos and trail mix always deserve to be highlighted! 🙂

Doug started on the EET Fitness Plan on August 29, 2010.  He weighed in at 217 pounds and said he hoped EET could help him lose 30-40 pounds.  He’s off to a “decent start”

In the 12 days since Doug began using EET he has lost nearly 15 pounds.  I asked Doug for permission to share a number of our emails since he started EET with  because I thought our correspondence could be helpful to others for a number of reasons .   Doug was kind enough to agree to do allow this and I am very grateful to him.

Now please understand that I have never met Doug personally, although we did have ONE phone consultation and have exchanged numerous emails.

Here are several of our emails, with the only editing being to remove anything that would be personal information about Doug.

We  hope you find them helpful.



Sept 7 2010

Just finished my first Swedish (walking on Treadmill doing the intervals due to plantars). Will be able to start running next week!

The timing worked great. .  Ready to start my day.  I will be sending my last weeks ‘forecast/actual’ to you later today.  I am at 210 as of this morning. Started at 217, so it’s working.  Took your advice and purchased the whole wheat tortillas for eet sandwiches. Will be in touch with a few questions later.

Thanks for all.



Sept 10

Just got back from my annual physical. My exact weight is now 202.8.  I am excited to see some results of my new eating and exercise routine, but have sooooo far to go. I get to start running on the treadmill on Monday. I have been doing my daily Swedish, but just power walking at low speeds. My strength is slowly but surely becoming respectable. Have a long way to go, but thought you would be interested in progress thus far. I still look like shit in the mirror, but in time I hope to decent again. Thanks for all the advice and support.


Your results are freaking amazing — that’s kind of a red flag though– we discussed this so hopefully it’s locked into your brain

Go ahead and work as hard as you want to lose weight at a fast pace while you feel excited about doing it–but ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS keep asking yourself –CAN I STAY WITH THIS?  It’s not worth it to lose a bunch of weight then gain it all back–so try to consciously think about what sort of lifestyle you can really enjoy while still losing weight.

If you are doing that–then of course EET wants FULL CREDIT  for all your success — pictures, an interview for my website and all that other great stuff!

And be sure to stay in touch — don’t feel like you have to be perfect–you are off to an incredible start so just keep learning about EET and the guidelines and keep practicing your eating timing and as I said you’ll lose more weight than you ever imagined–i just didn’t think it would be in the first month!

Congrats on one of the best EET starts ever–but like I said–and this is VERY important to me–if you are not still working with me on your EET plan 6 months or 12 months from now, then I will feel like EET has failed you, and EET does not like failing!

Check in again soon

September 11

No need to worry.  The scary thing is I haven’t even started running yet (that starts on Monday).  The biggest reason for my results is that I bought into what EET is and what you and I talked about during that one call you and I had. I have been amazingly disciplined due to a strong motivation to get healthy and look good again.

The key is that I have pretty much convinced my mind and body that you never have to worry about eating at the wrong time if you do your workouts each day.  So, if I want to chow down, I simply need to bust it during my workout and earn it. Makes total sense to me and I am digging it. Up at Tahoe, I did my workouts everyday (no one even knew I did them, as I just went into the back room for 20 minutes or so and did it).  This made sure I was always eating at the right time.

In short I really have a long way to go. Like I said in my last email, I still look like hell. I am getting better, but I want to nail this thing. I am not starving myself at all. My wife has been very supportive and the contents of the fridge and pantry prove it. She is buying smarter and it’s really making everyone healthier.  My workouts are slowly, but surely progressing in number of reps and intensity. I am sure if you compared my workout to yours and Marks, I would come in 3rd place. That is ok as I will get there in time.

Thanks for all you are doing. The talk you and I had was HUGE. I was pumped (and a little anxious) before I called, but I was really fired up after the call. You have a gift for asking the right questions and really probing to find out what kind of patterns and type of person you are dealing with. You read me early and kept emphasizing the right things. I appreciate the help and support. Would love to meet you someday. Maybe you can come over for an EET sandwich someday. That would be cool!

All the best,



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