EET Member Toni Before / After Pic Update WOW!

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Just look at that before/after picture – WOW!

Thanks to EET, Toni is a different person, in looks (WOW!), confidence and quality of life.

In just 8 short months, Toni has lost 10 pounds MORE than her original goal, she looks, uh, WOW!,  got a promotion at work, eats what she loves, and thanks to EET she has a sustainable weight loss plan that works.  No more guilt, shame, struggling, or starving.  That’s a pretty good success story.

No, actually, that’s a DAMN GOOD success story – WOW!

And, amazingly, the last 2+ months Toni has had to travel 4-5 days per week for her job plus other personal travel and eat all her meals at restaurants or using room service.  WOW!

Toni still can hardly believe it, but this is what EET is here for and this is what EET does.

Let’s review the Weight Loss Myths Toni has personally shattered using EET:

1)      You have to count calories (or points) to lose a lot of weight

2)      You can’t eat sweets or high fat food every day and lose a lot of weight

3)      You have to exercise to lose a lot of  weight

4)      You have to eat less food to continue to lose weight – Toni eats more!

5)      Your metabolism slows when you’re older and prevents weight loss

6)      The last 10 pounds are the hardest to lose

7)      You can’t maintain weight loss while travelling and eating at restaurants


And Toni is not the only one who has shattered these myths and a bunch of fitness myths as well.  Far from it.  The list of people losing weight and becoming more fit using EET is growing every day.

You are welcome to contact us with any questions about how EET has changed Toni’s life so dramatically, and you can always learn more by watching the videos on our website

but we think it’s even better if you just CONTACT TONI DIRECTLY (for the record, she’s happily married so contact her about EET only, ok?).

Toni loves talking about The EET Fitness Plan and would be happy to tell you about her experience.  She gets a real gleam in her eyes when she talks about loading up on her favorite pastries each morning at the office while everyone asks “how can you eat so much and look like that?”   EET bets they’re thinking, “WOW!”

Just contact us at and we can get you in touch with her.

Oh, and when you talk to Toni, be sure to tell her WOW!


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