The 50 Day EET Fitness Half Marathon Challenge: 2 Members Are IN! :-)

Post Marathon Nutrition – A DQ Dilly Bar – of course!

Last March Mr. EET proved the power of EET’s fitness component by completing the 26.2 Napa Marathon while only running a total of 5 times to train for the race.  Mr. EET had not done any distance running for nearly 10 years prior to this challenge.  You can read all about Mr. EET’s training and marathon in a number of older blog entries including these (titles are links):


Napa Marathon Completed w/only 5 Training Runs

5 Marathon Training Runs Complete – 6hrs total – Ready?


Well, that was 6 months ago and Mr. EET finally got the urge to go running again.  Last weekend he did a trail run just for the hell of it.  The 5+ mile trail run felt so easy that Mr. EET couldn’t help but think:

“EET’s training makes you so fit that ANYONE who uses EET Fitness’ 20-30 minute workouts and follow’s EET’s timing guidelines could do what I did and run a marathon with almost no additional training.”

“Well, okay,  at LEAST a half marathon.”

And that, my friends, was the birth of the EET Fitness Half Marathon challenge.

So when he got home from his run Mr. EET excitedly told Mrs. EET about his brilliant new scheme to once again prove that EET has truly revolutionized weight loss and fitness.

Here’s kind of how the conversation went:

Mr EET:  “I’ll select 10 people who had never run a half marathon before, and with only 1 training run per week along with EET’s 30 minute workouts, have them complete a half marathon within 90 days.”

Mrs. EET:  “well if people who’ve never used EET can do a half marathon in 90 days, how long would it take someone like me who’s been on EET for a year but hasn’t run for years?”

Mr. EET:  “there really should be no difference between you and me, so you could do it with a month of training.”

Mrs. EET:  “I’m in”.


Mrs. EET:  “Yes.  I’d like to see just how fit EET has made me.  Plus, I think it’s worth it to test your plan before there are bodies of new EET members strewn all over the half marathon course.”

And within a few hours Mrs. EET and her sister – (Sister EET? A new member to EET Fitness) were signed up for the US Half Marathon in San Francisco on November 7, 2010.  Here’s the proof!

(click to enlarge)


Mrs. EET gets only 7 training runs.  Sister EET gets 15 since she’s just starting her EET workouts.  Neither is getting the full 90 days as this half-marathon is more like 50 days away.

Both Mrs and Sister EET have agreed to blog updates on their training so you can follow their efforts and see in real time if EET can once again revolutionize weight loss and fitness.

Their first training run is tomorrow (Saturday)  — the whole workout will be under 20 minutes – We start with something easy, we’ll avoid injuries and we’ll build confidence as the starting point for steady and accelerating improvement  —  EET Progressions.

We’ll keep you posted – any questions along the way don’t hesitate to contact us!


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