10 Reasons You are Not Losing Weight and What You Can Do About Them

Rest assured great food like this Mountain High Mudd Pie from Red Robin is NOT 1 of the 10 reasons you are not losing weight!

This cake–very similar to Mr. EET’s #1 Rated Dessert Hula Pie –was part of Mr. EET’s Portland March 2011 EETing experience.  Although as you can see in the pic on the right, mine was not as pretty as the promo pic — Ordered it to go until they told me no whip cream on go orders–so I sat right down and had them add it right after I took the pic on the right!  1400 calories of


Here’s The EET Fitness Plan’s latest article to help you lose weight permanently.

Here’s a preview of one of the 10 reasons to get you started — then click the link below to take you to the other 9 reasons on the original published version on Hive Health Media.

REASON 5 You accept the belief that you are an “emotional eater” as an unchangeable fact.

ADDITIONAL INFO –  Many people with weight loss issues find themselves turning to food in times of emotional stress, and somehow during these times, it seems only high calorie, high fat “comfort” foods will do. This “breaks” your diet, which in turn leads to more stress, which ultimately leads to weight gain, yo-yo dieting and a lot of frustration.

WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT?  You’re not born with a need to eat whenever emotions are running high. This is a learned behavior. Therefore, ending your need for emotional eating can also be learned. Of course, changing long-term eating patterns is not easy, but it can be done.

Using a realistic, phased-in approach that gradually teaches you eating can be a conscious decision, and using the proper tools, with practice, you can decide what to eat and when you will eat it even under stress.

Of course no matter how good a strategy is, nothing works every time. This is why you should always remember you don’t need perfection to lose weight!

EET’s website also has 3 of the 10 reasons covered more in depth on videos you can find at the FREE Video Page Page.

Hope you find the information helpful!  Here are the links:

10 Reasons You Are Not Losing Weight

EET’s FREE VIDEO PAGE (goes into depth on 3 of the 10 reasons)


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