Mrs. and Sister EET’s Half Marathon Training Blog: Week 2 of 7

OOPS!  Mrs. EET’s Post Training Run Treat at the Cheesecake Factory was not eaten at the right time-guess that means she’s “off” EET, right?  Hardly!  EET wants happy members and sometimes we all need a slice of cheesecake at the wrong time!

Of course Mr. EET had one too 🙂

November 7 is just around the corner and EET plans to show EET’s revolutionary ability to create fitness in a very short time by training two of our members to finish a half marathon

The US Half Marathon | November 7th, 2010 | San Francisco, California (this is a link)

using the EET Fitness Plan and just a handful of training runs to prepare!

Here are the prior blog entries for EET’s Half Marathon Challenge if you are just joining us:

EET’S Half Marathon Challenge

And here are updates from Mrs. EET and Sister EET through yesterday

Mrs. EET’s Half Marathon Training Blog

Run 2 of 7:

Scheduled for 4 Miles (a distance which Mrs. EET has not run in nearly 10 years!)

4 miles on the roads – my first real run in a long, long time.  Let the whining begin!  It was hot (okay, not by midwestern standards, but still . . . it was outside my ideal temp. zone!).  It was kind of boring.  I got a little blister.  Can I really do this for 13.2 miles???

Surprisingly, I think the answer is yes!  I felt pretty good physically, despite the blister, and thanks to Sister EET, we kept a very even pace for the first two miles that felt good to me during the last two miles.  The big challenge will be getting my mental game ready to go for such a long race.

I was tired afterwards, but not really sore (except that blister!), and was able to do a good, intense strength circuit and tabata later in the day.  The other downside was that I was really hungry all day!  Not right after but later in the day – even after my treat meal following my strength circuit.  We ended up adding the Cheesecake Factory to our errands Saturday evening!

Sunday morning:  I felt more sore after the hill running last week.  Blister is better.  Not looking forward to a longer run next Saturday, but not dreading it either.  I’ll be loading up on the band-aids pre-run!

Sister EET’s Half Marathon Training Blog

Run 2 of 15:

Scheduled for 2 Miles

Well, my first week following EET’s half-marathon training schedule went well. Surprising well. Being in the worst shape of my life, I’d been having a hard time turning things around.  This means lots of excuses and postponing.  But the written schedule was concrete enough to hold me accountable. That and a quick few minutes of planning in advance exactly when I would do what was required of me each day.

But here’s the really surprising part.  Even though I had a written plan that I would do a 20-minute interval training on three mornings, just between you and me, I had no intention of actually getting up and doing it when that alarm went off a 6:00 am. And yet…. I DID!  Rolling out of bed and stepping onto a stairmaster is just so much easier than what I would do for workouts in the past.  And it feels great. It actually makes me feel energized.

Then for my evening run, I tackled a ridiculously steep hill four times. I used the hill strategies and it was a breeze, physically and psychologically.  I did come up short by missing a circuit training/Tabata workout that I thought I would make up on my day off, but I came down with a cold on Thursday and Friday and just didn’t make it happen.

However, I still did my third interval and the 2-mile run on Saturday morning. It felt easy and I wanted to run two more but am taking EET’s advice to just stick with the schedule. I am nervous that I am running a half marathon in six weeks and have only run two miles at a stretch (which is my own fault since I signed up for this months ago), but I am very happy with the results of trying something new instead of must more and more long, slow distance.


2 thoughts on “Mrs. and Sister EET’s Half Marathon Training Blog: Week 2 of 7

  1. I hope to do that well . Today I walked through 2 stores front to back.. hot tired, it was too hot and humid… but I did it… now lets see if I can do what you are doing at some point. I hope so…hugs patti

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