EET’s Junk Food Timing Diet: 1 Year Later

Happy Birthday EET. You’re looking better than ever!

It was exactly one year ago today that I wrote the following blog post for my colleague Dr. Ben Pearl’s blog:

Doc for Jocks: Successful Junk Food Diet Shakes Up The 2% Club (tltle is link)

Although I had been following the timing guidelines of the Eating and Exercise Timing (EET) Fitness Plan since May of 2008, in many ways, the publication of this article was the birth of EET as it was the first time I had made specific information about EET and it’s development publicly available.

EET still has a long way to go to accomplish its mission of proving that everyone can achieve permanent weight loss and fitness without the suffering and struggling of conventional dieting. But, 1 year after “going public” EET has changed the lives of many people who thought they were doomed to a life of being overweight and unfit.

EET Success Stories (see others EET has helped -click here)

What better way to celebrate EET’s “birthday” than to take a look back at where EET was 1 year ago and where EET is today by sharing the original article with 1 year updates included.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009 (Updates September 29, 2010)

Successful Junk Food Diet Shakes Up The 2% Club

by Jon Pearlstone

It’s nearly impossible to get in, and has nearly 50 million applicants every year. Only the 2% of dieters who maintain their goal weight for over a year are admitted: It’s the exclusive “2% Club”.

For 20 years I stood outside the Club’s velvet rope with the masses only to get shot down again and again. Meanwhile, the spare tire around my waist kept growing.

But, my years of struggling ended this year thanks to my new approach to dieting. I lost 20 pounds and kept it off while eating junk food every day. You read that correctly, EVERY DAY. Here’s my before and after pics and my story:

(click to enlarge)

Update: I have continued to eat junk food every day and in fact have increased the amount I allow myself dramatically. As of September 2010, I weigh 164 (less than I did in high school!), 12 pounds less than I did a year ago and 36 pounds less than the 200 lbs I weighed when I started EET. However, despite my significantly lower weight, in terms of calories eaten,  I average between 400-1000 more per DAY (current average 2600-3000 per day) than I have over the last 2+ years and I now exercise between 20-30 minutes per day 5-6 days a week. Before May 2008 I exercised 2-3 hours per day weight lifting and mountain biking 4-5 days per week.


Through the years, I paid $1000’s to the 2% Club’s membership agents, including Weight Watchers, Atkins, Protein Power, and endless health club fees. Each effort had the same sad story line. Lots of hype and some success for a short time, followed by the “rebound” right back to where I started. Then, the painful torture of tacking on even more weight.

Then, last year at age 45, tipping the scale at 200 pounds for the first time, I was sneaking into the fridge to enjoy my 3rd Dairy Queen Dilly Bar of the day, and it hit me.


At that moment, I knew the challenge I had to accept. To join the 2% Club by finding a diet plan that let me eat junk food and still lose weight.


I have zero willpower when it comes to eating, but I was prepared to increase my exercise if it meant I could eat my beloved Dilly Bars, BK Whoppers, and other fun foods. Just need to exercise more to pay for my weakness, right?

Uh, no. Multiple reputable sources made clear that nutrition is the key to weight loss, PERIOD. The evidence suggests that exercise is about 25% of the formula for losing weight, and too much exercise can even cause weight GAIN due to muscle fatigue, stress, and other reasons.

Great. Now I had to lose weight while eating whatever I want and exercising LESS. Cue the laughter from the folks at the 2% Club’s juice bar.

Update: EET has proven that EATING TIMING is the key to weight loss, even more than nutrition! Plus, EET now knows that 25% for exercise is too high of a figure . EET has been able to produce significant healthy and lasting weight loss for a number of people by simply focusing on and properly timing their eating and their normal activities they do each day.


Amazingly, the very next day, fate intervened. My teenage sons walked into the house with a bag full of McDonald’s Cheeseburgers. AND DINNER WAS ONLY AN HOUR AWAY!

I remembered eating like that back in the day, and I never gained weight. It’s that insanely high teenage METABOLISM. Bingo! All I needed to do was to reset my metabolism to act like a 17 year old and that 2% Club membership was mine.

Good Luck with that.


I saw no way to reverse the aging process and have a teenager’s metabolism. But, while studying other ways to reset and accelerate metabolism, I found a question that completely changed how I approach fitness. (I am paraphrasing):

Would you gain more weight if you ate 10,000 calories of chocolate for breakfast or right before bedtime?

Most agree that eating 10,000 calories of chocolate for breakfast will result in less weight gain than eating it right before bed as you have more “active” time in the day to metabolize it. The same concept made sense to me for exercise as well. Could eating and exercise timing be just as effective at less extreme examples? I was sure it could and was determined to prove it.


There’s months of research and lots of details behind my EET Fitness Plan, but, here are some key points and an outline of how EET works:

After exercise, when you have completed breaking down your muscles your body goes into “recovery mode” and ramps up it’s efforts to recover and rebuild. This creates a “metabolic window” if performed and timed correctly.

In addition, Dr. John Ivy of the University of Texas is his groundbreaking book Nutrient Timing, The Future of Sports Nutrition (2004) found that when a metabolic window is created, muscle recovery was most successful when HIGH GLYCEMIC CARBOHYDRATES were eaten along with protein (p.61).

To Dr. Ivy, high carbs meant something like a supplemented protein shake. To me it meant DILLY BARS and the wonderful world of junk food. (Let me be clear, my EET plan is very different from many of the suggestions in Dr. Ivy’s book and Dr. Ivy should not be considered affiliated with the EET plan in any way.)

I utilized the above information with other well supported findings, such as burning 3 times more fat in the morning that at any other time during the day, and how to best time eating a variety of foods day and night when the metabolic windows are closed. I also found studies with highly effective workouts which could be completed in under 30 minutes while maximizing fat burning throughout the day. By combining of all this and more, the EET Fitness Plan was born.

Update: All of the above continues to be part of EET plus many more exciting findings that have allowed for much more flexibility in the timing guidelines, fewer and much larger meals when desired, effective guidelines for eating at restaurants, vacations and holidays and more. During the last year of trials, EET has helped a wide variety of people achieve significant healthy weight loss (including Type 2 Diabetics and Children with a history of obesity), and some of those people are coming up on their one year anniversary too.

In addition, one surprising effect of EET’s short exercise sessions was to produce a superior level of fitness. To prove this,after 10 years of no running training and relying only on my 20 minute EET workouts, I was able to complete the 26 Mile Napa Marathon in March 2010 without stopping in just over 4 hours after only FIVE training runs.

Napa Marathon Completed w/only 5 Training Runs (link-click to read)


As I write this, it’s now been 17 months since I have followed my EET plan, and I am now a card carrying member of the 2% club.


Update: It’s now been 29 months, and there still has not been a single day I have not eaten junk food, and very few days I have not eaten quite a bit of junk food.

Nutrition experts are starting to stumble into proof of EET’s slogan that “there is no junk food, only foods eaten at the wrong times”. In August 2010, Dr. Mark Haub, a Nutrition Professor from Kansas State University went on a “Twinkie Diet” where he restricted calories and ate a diet of nearly 100% snack cakes, called the “Twinkie Diet”. As I write this, he has lost 15 pounds and nearly all of his blood readings have improved. EET is not a “junk food only diet”. EET has NO FOOD OR CALORIE RESTRICTIONS and encourages eating of a lot of “healthy” food in addition to junk food at the proper times.

The Twinkie Experiment and EET’s Dilly Bar Diet – Junk Food Diets Can Work (link-click to read)

In any case, it seems only a matter of time before the public wakes up and realizes that conventional dieting and exercise, calorie counting and portion control plans are very flawed and when they do, EET will be there to show them there is a much better way to permanent weight loss.

Portion Control and the 24 Secret Restaurant Menus (link – click to read)

But, it’s not just about junk food. EET let’s me live a normal life that includes junk food. I also go out to lunch and dinner a few times a week, more during holidays and vacations. The difference is I have lost weight doing these things!

And for you naysayers from the 2% club that say a fitness plan that includes junk food has to be bad? I say you can’t help what you love. I’m sure I’m not alone loving foods that are considered bad for weight loss when I drive down street after street filled with fast food, bakeries, ice cream parlors, fancy restaurants and a lot more. All of these would kill any conventional diet. For me (and other 98%ers) it’s crazy to have a plan that doesn’t accept this reality.

And who knows if junk food is all that unhealthy? Some studies show junk food reduces stress. Maybe it’s keeping me healthier? Bottom line: I haven’t missed one workout in 17 months due to illness or injury, so you be the judge.

Update: As noted above, evidence is mounting that junk food continues to look better and better as part of a diet plan. Who knows, maybe it won’t even be called junk food by next year’s update! And my Doctor’s reports show dramatic improvements in all my readings so there’s growing evidence that properly timing eating of any food and your exercise can greatly improve your health.

Plus “The Streak” continues! I still have not missed a single workout due to illness or injury in 29 months (only laziness 🙂. This adds up to 100’s and 100’s of workouts and other activities like the marathon last March completed with no injuries or illnesses (none significant enough to stop me from a quality workout anyhow)!   I’m sure it will end sometime, but how much more proof do you need?

Last but definitely not least, let’s talk money. Here’s the cost to follow EET:

* SUPPLEMENTS $0 I take no supplements of any kind
(vitamins, fat burners, etc.) these can be riskier than junk food IMHO
* FOOD COSTS LOWER No prepackaged plan foods here. I
buy what’s on sale and make it work.

So much for the 2% Club’s mantra that you can’t lose weight without “investing in yourself”. I have now proven that you can actually lose weight and keep it off without spending a ton of money and I’ve cut my exercise time in half!

Update: This information is still 100% true. However, EET does now charge a small fee for membership ($10 per month for the first 3 months). Also for full disclosure, I do take Plant Sterols to help with my LDL cholesterol and Acidophillus to help my digestion. I have a history of slightly high LDL cholesterol and Acid Reflux from long before I started EET. Both are now well under control using EET but after careful research, I decided these 2 supplements are beneficial to me. EET’s guidelines still do not require any supplements and each EET member make their own decisions about supplements based on what they need. Many EETers take none.


I’m happy to finally be in the 2% Club, but there’s no lifetime guarantee. I will say my results to date certainly are encouraging for a longer term stay.

And, to help others and keep me motivated, I’m teaching EET to people who have yet to find a way into the 2% club. If I have my way, people will no longer have to apologize or feel guilty for loving to eat.

Update: Amen.

copyright 2010 EET Fitness, Inc. All rights reserved. For more information on EET and any questions or comments, check out EET’s Website at, EET’s Blog at or contact EET via emai:l


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