EET Metabolic Bargains vs. Luxuries Member’s Video

click to go to EET’s FREE video page – after you watch be sure to read the end of this blog post for the answer to a question you might have 🙂

While we would love for anyone who has weight loss and fitness goals to become an EETer, the concept of metabolic bargains vs luxuries can be applied to any diet plan, so whether you become an EETer or not we hope you find the information in this EET Member video helpful!

EET’s member video library currently has 20 other videos with more to come, that detail every aspect of how to use EET to lose all the weight you want and more importantly, how to train your “metabolic memory” to keep it off without struggling or deprivation.

WARNING: There’s some GRAPHIC food shots in this video – get ready to get hungry! Seriously, this is how the EET’s choose to eat during our treat meals and by following EET’s guidelines we can do it and maintain our weights 25-35 pounds below where we started — New EETer’s are advised to be a bit more conservative but we aren’t hearing any complaints because they are losing weight while eating the foods they love every day (at the correct times of course).

EET is unique in that the longer you follow it – the MORE you can EAT! That’s because EET improves your metabolism — see:




Here’s the video (after you watch the vid see below for the answer to a question you might have) 🙂


Mr. EET LOST 3/4 POUND at the next morning’s weigh in – he doesn’t lose weight after big treat meals every time. BUT, WITH EET, IT HAPPENS A LOT MORE OFTEN THAN MOST WOULD BELIEVE!


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