Mrs EET: True Master Of EET Fitness? Half Marathon Run 4

Buttered and salted popcorn and Cotton Candy ice cream have been staples on Mrs. EET’s half marathon training menu.  While Mr. EET is kind of intimidated by the Cotton Candy’s “Radioactive Blue and Pink” Artificial Colors – he eats his share as well, plus he shamelessly shows off his beloved McGriddles whenever possible 🙂  After Mrs. EET’s perfomance this week, maybe we should all be eating more buttered popcorn and cotton candy ice cream?

Here’s the latest updates from the EET Half Marathon Challenge:

Mrs. EET and Sister EET are training for the SF Half Marathon on Nov 7, 2010 using just a few training runs plus the 20 minute workouts that are part of the EET Fitness Plan.

Here are the prior posts for those who need to catch up:

EET’S Half Marathon Challenge (link-click to see prior posts)

And a few comments from Mr. EET:

What I have just witnessed in the last 24 hours amazes me.  It doesn’t just impress me, IT AMAZES ME. My wife, who has been Mr. EET’s and all 3 EET Jr’s biggest supporter for our many years of athletic efforts, has just BLOWN us all away.  And my kids have done some pretty impressive stuff fitness wise — I have held my own as well.  But none of us have ever done what Mrs. EET did in the last 24 hours – and what makes it more staggering is to her it was no big deal!

Mr.EET discovered and built the EET Fitness Plan, but that doesn’t mean he is destined to be the most successful at it.  In fact, he’s not anymore – MRS EET IS – She has truly EATEN HER WAY to incredible weight loss and unsurpassed fitness. I stand behind this no matter how she does at the Nov 7 half-marathon.  But, for you cynics out there who didn’t see what I just saw, I think Mrs. EET plans on doing just fine Nov 7, so stay tuned.

Just read her blog below telling what she did in the last 24 hours and realize how little she has trained.  This is what EET has done for her!

(Sister EET is on an AMAZING course too — her big tests come in the next 2 weeks so I might be bowing down to yet another EETer).

Here’s Mrs. and Sister EET’s Blog Updates for Week 4:



Training Run 4:  8 miles!

I have only run this far twice in my life, and I was still in high school at the time, so I went into this run feeling a bit of trepidation, even after my great 6.4 mile run from last week.

We ran Sunday morning, which is one day later that I had originally planned, so I took my day off of exercise on Friday, but still did my hike and workout on Saturday morning.  Luckily, that didn’t seem to affect the run at all, even though I was worried that it might.

All went well for the first four miles when Sister EET and I ran together.  She sets a solid pace and when she left me at the 4 mile mark, I felt good about keeping that pace for the next four miles.  Amazingly, I actually picked it up a little bit from there, but the last 1.5 miles were hard.

My legs felt less tired this week and I focused on staying relaxed and loose throughout the run.  My shoulders were tired, especially in the last two miles, and I’ll focus on that in strength circuits this week and next.

By Sunday night, I was ready for my strength circuit, (followed by a popcorn dinner!), two advil before bed and I WASN’T SORE this morning!  Did a strong swedish interval work out this morning.

Having the half-marathon goal to focus on gives me extra motivation to stay focused and strong in the workouts, which is great, but the downside to the running is that I’m hungrier all the time!  Oh, and I’m eating more, too.  I’m not gaining weight, but I’m also not losing either. I think the huge effort I put forth to run for 2 hours makes me feel entitled to come home and eat whatever I want, whenever I want, but I still have to time those treats.  That’s one of the reasons I really wanted to do a strength circuit last night, even after the run in the morning – creating a good window to eat that extra food.

A speedier 6 mile run awaits me this Friday, then we’re off on a short vacation



One month to go!

The half marathon is exactly one month from yesterday’s five-mile run.  I felt remarkably good running yesterday though the first four miles with a running partner was much easier than the last mile without. (Mrs. EET took off to do a longer run at the 4-mile mark.)

Again, carrying the water bottle was great for grounding and dehydration. The hills were hard — not too steep but long.   The most remarkable things was that I didn’t feel sore when I woke up this morning and was able to crank out a 20-minute interval training on the Stairmaster.

I feel like I’ve turned a corner with distance having now run for an hour plus without stopping. I’m looking forward to continuing the longer runs this week and using interval training in between to build strength.


Jogging BAD For Weight Loss and Fitness ? YES Says EET (link)


2 thoughts on “Mrs EET: True Master Of EET Fitness? Half Marathon Run 4

  1. Mrs. EET and Sister EET,

    How about ssome airtime for the parents of the EET Sisters for their genes and the great examples set in their formative years.

    Keep up the great work!

    Aging slowly and still exercising,

    Dad and Mom EET

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