EET HIMT Meditation For Sanity, Weight Loss and Fitness

Here are EET’s most recent articles published by Hive Health Media

Got any stress going these days?  Mr. EET sure does (don’t ask!), but EET does provide some help for that:

Try EET’s HIMT 5 Breath Meditation Technique right now — takes less than 2 minutes.

EET HIMT Meditation for Sanity, Weight Loss and Fitness(link-click to go there)

And EET is based on Eating Timing Guidelines, but that doesn’t mean we won’t use any stupid weight loss tip that WORKS — EET is the best plan for weight loss we know of but WEIGHT LOSS IS HARD  –so here are 5 for you to try whether you are an EETer or not:

5 Stupid Weight Loss Ideas….That WORK (link-click to go there)


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