Sister EET’s Half Marathon Training BREAKTHROUGH

Here are the prior Blog Posts for those who are just joining us as Mrs. and Sister EET prepare for November 7, 2010 US Half Marathon in San Francisco:

EET’S Half Marathon Challenge (link-click for prior posts)

Friday Night’s update:

Mrs. EET turned in another stellar performance but Friday night it was Sister EET who stole the show.

I’ll let them tell you how it went but let me just say —

NEITHER OF THESE LADIES HAD TRAINED FOR THE HALF MARATHON AT ALL LESS THAN 1 MONTH AGO (SEPT 18 was our first training run)– Mrs. EET has already easily run 8 miles and now Sister EET has now easily blasted through 6.4.

They are enjoying their training, they are not getting hurt (knock on wood) and they are right on track after only 5 runs for Mrs. EET and 9 Runs for Sister EET.

Are YOU just a few weeks away from this level of fitness?  With the help of EET the answer is very likely YES!


RUN #5 SCHEDULED FOR 6.4 MILES “Fitness Run” — Push the pace to prepare for 10 mile run next week.

Training Log:  6.4 mile run again tonight.  My goal was to run it faster than I did last time and I was able to knock over 12 minutes off – that’s almost 2 minutes faster per mile!

Felt strong, no issues during the run, actually really enjoyed it again, but right now I’m pretty sore.  Actually, I was a bit sore from one of the exercises in my strength circuit two days ago, but I didn’t feel it at all during the run.  Hoping some Advil and a hot bath helps the soreness. We’re off for a quick vacation starting tomorrow, so tomorrow will be a full day on the plane and probably no chance to get a swedish interval in.  I’ll recover nicely on the beach on Sunday!!


RUN #9 SCHEDULED FOR 6.4 MILES “Slow and Easy” — First real distance run in a long time.

Tonight I ran about 6 1/2 miles and it only took me five minutes longer than running 5 miles last Sunday!  In other words, I felt great!

It’s like I’ve really turned the corner and am actually becoming fit again. In the middle of the week, I did a 55-minute trail run as assigned. The first 30-minutes was straight uphill. Though I did this particular trail run for years in my 30s, I rarely worked up to running the entire uphill part. But I decided to use the EET technique for hill running, and I made it! I also think my interval workouts on the stair master have been key to improving my overall strength. Race day is three weeks from this Sunday. Things are looking really good!


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