New EET Hall of Famer Mark Loses 25 lbs for over a year

LEFT:  Update April 2011                       Right Oct 2010  (click to enlarge)

EET Hall of Famer Mark sent us an update pic recently to let us know that EET Fitness’ easy maintenance plan (EATING REAL FOOD YOU LOVE at the right times!) continues to work and he’s checked weight loss off his to do list for now and the foreseeable future! 🙂

EET Fitness proudly announces the induction of EET Member Mark into the

EET Fitness Metabolic Hall of Fame (link to “the Hall” at bottom of this post)

Mark lost 25 pounds and remains nearly 10-15 pounds BELOW his goal weight over 1 year after starting with EET.  That qualifies Mark as an EET Metabolic Hall of Famer.

But weight loss alone is not enough.

As Mark’s HOF picture above shows,  Mark has learned how to build his permanent weight loss plan right – BY EATING WHAT HE LOVES every day at the correct times – THAT  makes him a first ballot hall of famer!

ALSO – the fact that all his Doctor and blood readings had greatly improved at his last check up didn’t hurt his HOF entry either.  EET HOFers should have it all — great food, great weight loss, great fitness and great health – and not just when you’re all psyched up for your new diet plan in the first few weeks and months — MARK HAS DONE IT FOR OVER A YEAR NOW WITH NO END IN SIGHT!

Mark is also one of EET’s BEST forecasters – a key to success in the EET fitness plan — He created a great spreadsheet system that EET now offers to other members and used visual charts to take advantage of EET’s brain function research.  Below is Mark’s actual graph from his report he religiously sends to Mr. EET– think seeing a graph like this every day a might help remind you what your goals are?  YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW MUCH THIS IMPACTS YOUR SUBSCONSCIOUS THOUGHTS and that greatly decreases the need for willpower and discipline which makes your EET efforts much easier.

Mark loves to talk about his EET experience so if you are interested email us at and we will get you in direct contact with him — he’ll tell you he’s eating more now than when he started on EET.  That’s what EET Hall of Famers do.

It takes time and patience to learn and phase in EET but Mark is perfect proof of how worthwhile the effort is.  Think you could stay on your diet if you ate more food and included the foods you love every day?

How’s that for a weight loss maintenance plan?

This is why EET is so revolutionary.

Mark is yet another HOFer who has proven that The EET Fitness Plan can improve and reprogram your metabolism which will over time create a new metabolic memory.  EET teaches your body to establish a new “set point” meaning your body/metabolism will HELP  you stay at the weight you want to stay at.

EET knows this is the best, and for so many people without willpower (like Mr. EET 🙂 ) the ONLY way to achieve permanent weight loss.

We’re sure you’ll join us in congratulating Mark in accomplishing what 9 out of 10 people NEVER HAVE – meeting (or in Mark’s case, EXCEEDING) their goal weight and staying there  for over a year.

To see Mark in his well earned place in EET’s Hall of Fame, click HERE.


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