Dr. (MD) Tries EET – Loses 14 Pounds FAST – PICS!

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Pic on left is from 2009, pic on right is from Nov 2010

Successful EETer Dr. Caren Reaves provides a breath of fresh air to EET’s DOCTOR’s Results Link! 🙂


Dr. Caren Reaves is a highly successful OBGYN in the Dallas Fort Worth Texas area.   Yes, you read that correctly.  She’s a real live Doctor.  Here are her Credentials to prove it.

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And, yes, this real live Doctor, was forward thinking and open minded enough to learn about and try The EET Fitness Plan.

As a result, in just over 2 short months, as her after picture shows, Dr Reaves, or Caren – as she allows those who have created dramatic weight loss to call her :-), has gone from attractive professional to – uh, how do the Texans say it?   Oh yeah – she looks:


(Apologies to Mrs. EET and Mr. Doc, but hey, it’s the truth!).

Wait a second.  As a Doctor, wasn’t Caren concerned about EET’s allowing everyday access to so many decadent foods?

Wasn’t she concerned that EET doesn’t count calories or require exercise?

Wasn’t she concerned that she didn’t know Mr. EET, and that he was advising her from halfway across the country so there would be no personal meetings?

Or how about the fact that Mr. EET is only a Certfied Personal Trainer (only recently certified at that) and doesn’t hold some lofty degree in nutrition or kinesiology?

Well, her recent facebook posting would indicate that Caren’s not concerned about too much when it comes to EET these days:

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And, now,  the good Dr. has graciously written the following UNEDITED guest blog post to answer all your questions about her EET experience and success thus far in great detail – here you go:

How a random click on a CNN link changed everything I think about diet, exercise, and weight loss

About a year ago, I noticed my weight creeping up. New Year’s came along and I made the same tired resolution to “get in shape” and “lose weight.” I’ve always been pretty muscular, but a layer of fat had crept in and pushed me out of my clothes. In the past, I had success with running 3-4 miles/day 5 days/week but the only time my schedule now allows it is about 5 am and I HATE getting up early plus I live out on some pretty rural roads…not exactly safe in the dark. I’m not a fan of exercise…it’s always been a necessary evil in my book. I grumpily began getting up and running and after 6 weeks I had minimal results. So…..how did I find EET ? 

I’m a board certified OB/GYN and was on Labor and Delivery in the middle of the night waiting on a patient to deliver. To fill the hours I was doing some online research and CNN had a link to a podiatrist’s site discussing barefoot running. The article mentioned EET and  had a link to EETFit.com. It sounded interesting and I am always open to ways I can help my patients successfully lose weight and maintain their goals. I can count on one hand the number of overweight patients every year that lose weight with the old “eat less/exercise more” philosophy. It just doesn’t work for most people. So I emailed Jon, let him know I was a doc and why I was interested. He responded later that day and sent me the information I’d requested and answered my questions. EET sounded so different and at odds with what I’d been taught but it’s obvious that traditional teachings don’t work well for most or we wouldn’t have the obesity epidemic we do in this country. After reviewing the information I committed to trying it myself for a month before I would recommend it to my patients. That was 2 1/2 months ago and it has been fantastic!

I didn’t perceive myself as “overweight” although my BMI was pushing the line between normal and overweight. I’m 5’5 and last Christmas I topped the scales at 151 lbs. I’d managed to get down to 149 lbs by August by watching what I ate and running…not exactly blowing weight loss out of the water! I began EET and was astounded at how quickly and easily the weight seemed to melt off. I didn’t even begin to add ANY of the exercise intervals until after the first 4 weeks and I had already lost almost 10 lbs!! My jeans that I’d been squeezed out of were suddenly not only comfortable, but a little on the loose side:) That certainly got my attention! I’m now down to 135 lbs and my old “thin” clothes are now too big. EET works and is EASY to sustain and enjoy.

One of my initial concerns when reading the website and initial information was the discussion of “forecasting” and recipes and it all sounded very involved from a food preparation standpoint. I was intimidated by the EET discussion of food prep and knew that was where I would not be able to comply. As I quickly pointed out to Jon…..I…..DON’T…..COOK……period. Life is far too busy for me with a full-time medical practice, 3 kids and all their activities, and carving out at least a little time for my horses. My husband cooks, but most of my meals are either 1) from the hospital cafeteria or 2) items that are prepackaged, portable, and off the shelf. Jon wasted no time in helping me identify ready to go foods that were nutritious and met EET’s recommendations for fiber, protein, and fresh fruit/vegetables. Plus, I still get to enjoy the great cakes and cobblers the hospital makes on a daily basis!

Am I perfect with the plan on a daily basis? Absolutely not! But the beauty of EET is the flexibility as well as the emphasis on progressions, both in the food recommendations as well as the exercise options. Jon respected my loathing of early mornings and helped me develop some exercise options that I can easily do in my office or the stairwell at the hospital during my lunch and after office. The intervals last no more than 15-20 minutes, require no special equipment and are personalized to the specific exercises I actually enjoy (or at least don’t mind). Even if I’m having a crazily busy day, I can carve out a 5 minute HIIT session without difficulty.

I now recommend EET with confidence and enthusiasm to my patients. It is sustainable and what other plan encourages a treat meal so there’s no deprivation of the things I love to eat? I just have to EET it at the right time:)

Caren C. Reaves, MD, FACOG


EET is thrilled to have Caren as an EETer and really proud of her success.  BUT, unlike all other diet plans,  Caren is not DONE with EET, she’s just getting started.  EET continues to offer her guidance via email and phone calls on a regular basis.  As she has basically already reached her goal weight (though like many other EETers she now is thinking of weighing less than her original goal weight—EET says CAN DO!), EET can now teach her more advanced concepts like One Word Forecasting, Base Days, and most importantly, Metabolic Memory.

Dr. Reaves understands the value of learning EET instead of trying to use the same old motivation and willpower that never last.   And, it’s that willingness to learn and her openmindedness that has Mr. EET loving every minute of helping her (and her many referrals—THANKS!) find her path to permanent weight loss.

Diabetics, Childhood Obesity, Older men and women, and now a Licensed Doctor

All documented EET Success Stories.   We’re doing our best to prove that everyone who has ANY metabolism can succeed with EET!

Thanks so much to Caren for sharing her story with EETers and our friends!


18 thoughts on “Dr. (MD) Tries EET – Loses 14 Pounds FAST – PICS!

  1. Very encouraging to read that a doctor is on the EET plan.

    I think that people would find that the food choices encouraged by the EET plan are not unhealthy. It just sounds like that when we hear about eating treats everyday but overall the food choices are based on sound nutritional guidelines.

    The difference is WHEN you eat your treat.

    I believe I am actually eating more healthily now.

  2. Hey Mr. EET
    I am so happy that Dr. Reaves is not only my doctor but also my friend and she is the one that shared your site with me. I am a 54 yr old woman that was beginning to retain excess middle fat and I HATED it and wanted to get rid of it. I have tried with my hubby the ATKINS diet for several years to which HE lost and I didn’t! I decided last week to join you all on the EET fitness plan and after being on it with your guidance for 5 days now I have already LOST 5lbs with very little excercise. I AM SO HAPPY 😉 But to let you know for the first 3 days my weight stayed the same although I was eating more. I had never eaten 3 meals a day ever — Now I am and even after going on a little vacation trip for a day and night on the 5th day I am down 5 POUNDS! NICE. I can do this and I have shared your site with my friends. THANKS SO MUCH! I’m a happy menopausal lady for sure!!!

    • I forgot to tell CAREN when she reads this that she looks not only looks MIGHTY FINE she looks simply STUNNING! Of course HER BRAIN is most of her weight! 🙂

  3. Caren, who was my BFF in high school, posted her intial 7 pound loss on Facebook. I think it took her 30 days or so… and that was MY inspiration to join EET. I’m happy to say that I have lost 6 pounds in 3 weeks — and I’m eating more than I ever did. Bye bye, starvation and awful, daily P90X workouts! I’m losing at a faster rate on this plan than I ever have, and I get to eat yummy food. If I exercise, it’s a bonus — and my terrible knees don’t suffer, either.

    Caren looks like I remember her in high school. Sexy mama!!! 🙂

  4. Caren has always been beautiful, inside and out, but “WOW” she looks absolutely amazing! I thought about joining EET about a month ago, but procrastinated and thought I could lose the weight by watching my intake and exercise. It is not happening. Seeing Caren’s new picture is very inspirational and I am going to join NOW!

  5. That’s amazing, doc! Congratulations on your success! the best thing I like about this story is that the weight loss is absolutely believable and not some out-of-this world number (One can lose a maximum of 17 pounds in 2 whole months). Great after photo; I hope I can submit a good one like that real soon!

  6. The credibility of a doctor says wow. I’m looking it over with serious eyes. I’ve been fighting with weight issues for a long time for many reasons. Probably the biggest reason for my weight isue is my diabetes. Thank you for the information, I’ll be looking into it much more.

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