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Mrs. EET Training Hard the day before the race thanks to a fellow EETer's pipe dreams of a Ranger's World Series win

Mrs. EET continues her EET training with a post race Apple Fritter. MRS. EET IS ELIUSIVE NO MORE!


How in the world could EET KNOW  BOTH EET members could complete a 13.1 Mile Half Marathon after only 7 weeks of training WITHOUT STOPPING ONCE?

How could EET know they would be able to succeed, EVEN THOUGH THEY HAD TO RACE IN A DRIVING RAINSTORM?

How did EET know a NEW EET member could Run a half marathon with fewer than 15 training runs (only used 11 actually)

How did EET know a member who had followed EET’s 20 minute intervals for 18 months prior would be able to complete a half marathon with only 7 training runs (really think about this, how many people have EVER been able to complete a half marathon with only 7 training runs??!!)

How did EET know neither of them WOULD LOSE 1 SINGLE POUND training for the half marathon? (we already gave you the answer to this question HERE)

How did EET know no one would get injured,  or hate the training methods, or become unmotivated or simply decide not to complete the challenge?

How did EET know both would actually LOVE the training methods? (NOTE: both are now planning on running more half marathons)


Because EET understands metabolic adaptation through metabolic messages – the entire EET Fitness Plan is built on it.



(Click to enlarge)

AND it’s a good bet that YOU could succeed in running a half marathon just as quickly using EET’s PROVEN training methods – you might even lose some weight too with EET — if EET could convince you to STOP doing the same old routines (like jogging, swimming and many others) that simply do not work!

Are you skeptical about this amazing success of people training for a half marathon WITH ALMOST NO TRAINING RUNS because it was Mr. EET’s Wife and Sister in Law?

If you are then:

1)      It’s a sure thing you’re not married

2)      You have never tried to train a family member – have you ever even given one advice?

3)      You are a perma-skeptic and nothing will change your mind.

Believe me, the only thing harder than training family is helping them with weight loss :-).  But, as you’ve seen, EET is more than up to the challenge!

But in the end, it was the ladies, not EET,  who achieved this amazing accomplishment (something they can enjoy the memory of for the rest of their lives–and they will!)  so please join EET in congratulating them and enjoy their thoughts about the race in their final blog posts for this challenge:




The Big Day:    Just to add another layer to this whole experience, Sunday morning arrived with a big rain storm parked right over the course!  That meant a quick scramble to pack extra socks, my waterproof hat with the bill and a good shell that would keep me somewhat dry.  Luckily, I found a water resistant shell that was big enough to hang down to the middle of my thighs, so it felt like I was pretty well protected.

With the curb service provided by Mr. EET, we got to the race just 25 minutes before take-off and didn’t have to stand out in the rain for too long.  The nice thing about rain in the Bay Area is that the cloud cover usually means it’s a little warmer, so we weren’t really cold – just wet.

Broke the run into segments – the first four miles were reasonably flat with that climb up to the Golden Gate Bridge picking up at just about mile 4 and mile 5 had us halfway across the bridge.  Once we crossed the bridge, the course looped us down a trail (at this point a very MUDDY trail!), back under the bridge and up and across the bridge on the other side.  I took my friend, Anne’s, advice and tried to appreciate the scenery which brought a little giggle as we were enshrouded in dense fog and driving rain!  However, it was good advice and despite the weather, it really was an amazing experience to run the bridge without dodging pedestrians and picture-takers.

Miles 10-12 were the toughest for me when we hit the flats again and I really started feeling the muscle aches and pains and I welcomed the uphill – followed by a nice downhill! – that was our last mile to the finish.

Despite all the rain, huge puddles, wet feet and Mr EET not even recognizing me when I finished thanks to the black hat and big black rain coat (!), it was an experience worth having and I’m glad we did it!

The big question is answered.  The 20 minute daily interval training really did prepare me to run this distance, feel pretty darn good doing it, recover enough to ACTUALLY GET MY INTERVAL WORK OUT IN THIS MORNING, and to feel a sense of accomplishment as I did something that I couldn’t have done a year ago.  Perhaps the Avenue of Giants half-marathon in May??  Hmmm. . . maybe!



5:00 Sunday morning. The morning of the half marathon. It’s been raining all night long. Surely it’s canceled. I go online for the e-mail notification. There is none. This is my first reality slap.

The second comes 1 hour and fifty-five minutes later when we’re dropped at the starting line. Not only did everybody else show up, they’re dressed in shorts and t-shirts. Are these people crazy? It’s pouring out!

Completing the half marathon on a sunny day would have been enough of a challenge but now I have to complete  it soaking wet.  I spend the first two miles cringing, like when you’re wading into a cold pool bit by bit instead of jumping in. But by mile 4, I’ve given myself over to being soaked. Our pace is good, right on 12 minutes. Even though we started way up in the line, we didn’t lose sight of our pace as the faster people passed us.

I am so thankful that I’m using EET’s technique of carrying my own water bottle. The water stations are few and far between with few volunteers (I’m assuming many of them are home in bed). I follow EET’s technique for uphills  (even though my sister decided not to  at one point).  Having also trained on such steep hills, I not psyched out when faced with a steep hill on the course that I hadn’t anticipated.

I break the run into smaller bits, and just focus on the stretch ahead. Miraculously, I catch up with my sister in the middle of the GG bridge. I force her to have mindless conversations with me to stay distracted. I desperately want to walk just to change to a different set of muscles but refuse to give up on my goal of running the entire way.

By the end, I go out of my way to run through puddles just to get my feet wet and cold again to take the attention away from the pain in my knees. But truthfullly, I don’t feel that bad. I finish with a strong sprint (trying to bridge the one-minute gap my sister has created again to get away from my incessant talking).

Day one of recovery has included a lot of sleeping and stiffness but nothing intolerable. I imagine my next half marathon on a warm sunny day in the spring. What a breeze it will be!

Thank you SO much to Mr. EET for getting me ready for this half marathon. I truly could not have done it without EET.


3 thoughts on “HALF MARATHON HUGE SUCCESS! How’d EET Know? :-)

  1. Big congratulations to Mrs EET and Sister EET! Well done ladies – what an inspiring story.

    I’m just a baby EETer and my interval training is not of the caliber that you ladies obviously do but I am working towards it.

    Hats off to you, gals!

  2. Amazing Job Ladies! Thanks for sharing…and for finally being allowed to see your beautiful faces.
    You are an inspiration.

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