EET Lisa: Brownies + Ice Cream = Better Blood Readings

Lisa's got some new before after pics EET hopes to get soon--she's taking EET to the next level!

Lisa has been on EET for about a year and has lost over 20 pounds.  Her fitness level has improved dramatically and her chronic knee problems have become a lot less chronic.

Lisa’s background with yo-yo dieting is like a lot of EETers, where any decadent or fun foods you would eat came with a heaping side order of GUILT and SHAME.

Now, thanks to EET,  Lisa enjoys Brownies, Ice Cream and scones on a daily basis and has it all, weight loss, better fitness, NO GUILT, NO SHAME in eating what she loves (at the correct times) and most recently 2 dramatic improvements in her blood readings.

Lisa sent the following emails to tell other EETers about her success:


As a veteran blood donor for 20+ years, I’d been frustrated in my attempts to donate over the past three years. Something about menopause, maybe, but I’d been turned down because of borderline anemia during my last 5 or so visits to the blood bank, even despite efforts to bulk up on dark leafy greens and red meat a day or two before my appointment. Iron supplements didn’t agree with me. Today I decided to give it another try, as it had been 6-9 months since my last rejection, and I’d gotten a solicitation call to come in. I assumed I’d be rejected again and didn’t even try hard nutritionally yesterday to compensate. Surprise!  I passed and was able to donate for the first time in 3 years. When I asked the phlebotomist if weight loss might have been the key, he concurred and said that, sometimes, metabolic improvements enable people to better access and use available iron in their diets — without supplements.  Another success for EET as far as I’m concerned!  Oh — and GREAT blood pressure:  100 over 70.  Thanks to EET, I’m back in the donor pool.


while i haven’t had a physical or blood work done in more than a few years, i did just get a quick TOTAL cholesterol reading from my blood donation last weekend.

My HDL:LDL ration has always ranged from totally fine to very good

BUT my total cholesterol typically been above 200 — ranging from 214 to 232 in the years between 2001 and 2007 (lower in past years).


There you have it, folks!

Lisa, having fun on her EET planand making quite an impression on the Metabolic Hall of Fame Committee right as she approaches her 1 year anniversary on the path to permanent weight loss!


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