EET : Holiday Results from 10 Members – Emails

This was one of the smaller of Mr. EET's meals over Thanksgiving Weekend - Story coming soon!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  EETers sure did.

Below are some highlights of emails received  in the last few days from REAL LIVE EETers.  It’s very important that EETers know they can communicate confidentially, so we have been very careful to only print a small portion of each email.

It’s important to mention that we are not cherry picking these emails.  We didn’t hear from every  EETer but we can honestly say we didn’t receive any emails from members who had any problems staying with their EET plan during and after Thanksgiving.

(NOTE: If you did have any problems you should definitely write us so we can help you use EET’s guidelines to get back on track!)

Thanks to our great EET members for sharing their experiences – Hopefully they will continue to spread the word of just how fun and SUSTAINABLE it can be to stay on the path to permanent weight loss while LOVING your holiday EETing!

Couple of special comments to start with — Gotta start with EET’s superstar Dr. Caren Reaves – she went public with her EET experience on facebook – so check this out!

(click to enlarge)

Then I happened to find this just messing around on Twitter recently — It’s  from Noel who’s blogging his EET experience on the Hive Media Network — (Sneak Preview of Noel’s next post — HE’S LOST 10 POUNDS SO FAR!)

And here are some comments from other satisfied  EETers (in no particular order):

  • I weigh 1 lb less than last Sunday!  Yeah.  Had two completely free days and enjoyed the Holiday.

  • Given how “bad” my EETing has been, albeit perfectly EET in its imperfections, it’s a miracle that I haven’t gained weight! Well, not a miracle, just a really good plan.  🙂

  • Planning definitely helped.  But so did just being ok with eating comfortably without guilt on Thanksgiving.  Ended up half a pound up the next day– but thought it would be much worse.  Definitely want to stick to the EET plan.

  • Holiday eating went really well. only up 0.8 lbs despite considerable extra eating and some late night dessertage.

  • YEA by the way I weighed xxxbs this morning so I believe I have lost one more pound!!!

  • Got to xxx (down 27 pounds!)  and seem to be kind of locked in there now.

….Eating is still great even around holidays.

  • On Monday I was up 1.5 pounds from Wednesday. Today I was almost 3 pounds lighter!  That’s pretty cool.

  • I had 3 count them 3 –  thanksgiving dinners in 3 days and enjoyed every one of the them!   Going into the holiday weekend I was down 16 – and as of this morning am down 20 pounds.

  • Gained 5 pounds over the holiday – lost 3.5 as of today using eet timing and fitness – no dieting – just usual stuff…so I’m back on track  (Might give this one away but this is an EET Metabolic Hall of Famer!)

And, finally, perhaps you’re wondering about the EET’s?  How did our Thanksgiving EETing go?

Mrs. EET –  Had a field day with many many holiday treats throughout the weekend, especially the butter pecan turtle cookies.  She weighed in today 1 pound less than before Thanksgiving.

Mr. EET – EPIC!  It’s a story that deserves it’s own post – coming soon with pics and menus.  Stay Tuned….


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