Lisa, 50, EET Skeptic Loses 30 Pounds FOR A YEAR! PICS

Like many new EETers Lisa was so skeptical of EET she didn’t even take a “Before” Pic – 1 year later she sure has an AFTER!         See below for more pics of the “new” Lisa (click to enlarge)

As of today, I’m down almost 30 lbs (on a 4’11” frame) and am feeling like I’ve totally shifted my body’s set-point.

I don’t believe, any more, that a metabolic slow down is inevitable with age…and I feel really sorry for anyone trying to lose weight the “old” way – that depends essentially on restriction, deprivation and rigid adherence to weighing, measuring, and controlling.

Lisa, Age 50, Newest member of EET’s Metabolic Hall of Fame

Lisa happily showing her EET exercise of choice that has kept her injury free and made her insanely fit. Go hiking on a steep hill with her sometime and see for yourself!  (click to enlarge)

EET Fitness has a LOT of success stories in progress—but unlike other diet plans, we believe it’s the EETers still going strong after a year or more that really tell you how well EET works.  And Lisa is now one of those EETers.

Lisa represents so many dieters who have struggled and yo-yo’ed for years and years, in the hopes that “this time will be different” and they can finally lose the weight they are desperate to lose.  Well, despite her incredible skepticism about EET, this time WAS different for Lisa!

We hope you’ll join us in congratulating Lisa, she’s accomplished something amazing, and EET is thrilled to be part of it.  Here’s Lisa’s take on the last year with EET.

Diets Don’t Work But EET Fitness Does

By Lisa, EETer since December 2009

It’s been almost a year since I was enticed by Mrs. EET’s impressive weight loss to contact Mr. EET to find out what exactly what his eating and fitness plan was all about.

As a long-time veteran of yo-yo dieting, multiple go-rounds with Weight Watchers, Protein Power, Atkins, calorie counting and watching the scale climb much  more efficiently back up after battling my way down, I’d all but given up. I spent more time than I care to remember feeling despair and self-loathing about the 25-35 lbs I’d gained and lost pretty much since college…no matter what I tried, it was either too much deprivation to sustain or too easy to pack the pounds on as soon as I tried to eat the least bit like a normal person. I thought that as an almost 50 year old, the body I had was maybe just the body I was going to have to accept. I was an active person, who just thought that a couple hours of hard hiking a week just couldn’t battle the inevitably slowing down of my metabolism but I wasn’t really sure what else I could do that would be more effective. I pretty much figured I’d wrecked my metabolism permanently either with years of low calorie dieting or just by virtue of being about to turn 50.

You Can’t Eat Foods You Love Every Day and Lose Weight! Right??

While I paid attention to lots of different ideas about dieting, I generally believed that they all came down to some basic version of calories in, calories out.  But I was amused enough at what I’d been hearing by Susan about some of Jon’s impressive eating exploits combined with an almost 40 lb weight loss and tried to keep an open mind.  Jon came over, with my EET notebook in hand and what, at the time, seemed like a confusing array of exercise & activity recommendations, specific food ideas, guidelines about eating timing, and a lot of enthusiastic support for trying weight loss in a way that didn’t rely on deprivation, will power or starvation.

Color Me Skeptical

As Jon will attest, I was a skeptic for a long time, but it was hard to ignore the success that he and Susan had had.  Jon maintained not only his sense of humor but a calm amusement at my resistance and stubbornness.  For the first 6 months or so, I ate very similar meals – lots of low carb wrap sandwiches, egg white omelettes, salads with protein — but always  made sure I had my treat during my first meal, post workout. I didn’t think I could get used to a warm brownie and ice cream at 10:30 or 11:00 in the morning, but I did…and knowing that it would be there, every day, made the urges to eat high carb foods at night remarkably easy to resist.

Okay, Maybe You Can Lose Weight Without Countng Calories….

I dropped the first 15 lbs or so during the first 6 months. That might sound slow to some people –and certainly there are a lot of EETers who’ve lost weight much faster – but I didn’t feel like I was in a huge rush. I’d lost weight fast before and hadn’t maintained it, so I was more interested in attaining long-term changes in the way that I eat. Pretty much from the beginning, I had the sense that EET provided a way to eat and exercise that I could maintain – and that helped to address what would have been continual weight creep with aging without dietary change. Pretty much right away, I experienced that both weight loss and sleep were enhanced by carb-tapering later in the day.

Afraid of Interval Training

In the beginning I was intimidated about the idea of progressions in exercise. I was worried that I would have to kill myself exercising to get the intensity effect Jon was proposing on the intervals, and thought that I was probably too lazy to work that hard.  I joined a gym and worked out on a stair-climbing machine, thinking that was the best intense exercise I could get while protecting a bum knee.  After 6 months of that, Jon came over to the gym to see what I was doing and, while impressed with the intensity, helped me realize that what I was doing was not having the desired effect – and was not sending the correct message to my body that I needed to lean out in order to move fast.  I didn’t exactly know what he was talking about, but was willing to give an alternative a chance.

Wish I’d Talked To Jon Earlier  –  EET Consultation Pays Big

A few months earlier, I’d picked up a little trampoline rebounder that a neighbor had left out for the garbage truck – little did I know that that would be my exercise salvation! With Jon’s help, we devised a 20 minute interval on that, and within the first week I was hooked. I dropped my gym membership and all the excuses and obstacles to exercise (driving, parking, changing, etc) that came with it. It turned out that I really liked the structure of the numbers (and the lack of distraction of the television sets at the gym) and was able to understand that the progressions in exercise come naturally once you control more of the variables.  We have continued to tweak the workouts and I’ve added 1-2 strength trainings a week. Most weeks, I do a 20” high intensity interval every day. I know I could take a break one day a week, and sometimes do, but usually I crave it.

Eating More and Enjoying My Food More Too

I tend to eat my first meal a lot later in the day than when I started (sometime between 11 and 1, depending on what’s going on) and eat a lot MORE during that meal than when I first started. In addition to my beloved brownie and ice cream, I’ve developed an addiction to eating raw oat bran. I don’t know how it happened – but it’s the thing I most crave as soon as I get off the trampoline.

Eating Healthy Means Using Good TIMING!

EET has also improved my blood and doctors readings to the best levels I can recall (see related blog post HERE).

Always Room to Improve

I’m still inconsistent about forecasting even though it works 100% of the time. I have no idea why I don’t do it every single week, besides the fact that I like giving Jon a challenge.

Happy 50th Birthday to ME!

As of today, I’m down almost 30 lbs (on a 4’11” frame) and am feeling like I’ve totally shifted my body’s set-point. I don’t believe, any more, that a metabolic slow down is inevitable with age…and I feel really sorry for anyone trying to lose weight the “old” way – that depends essentially on restriction, deprivation and rigid adherence to weighing, measuring, and controlling.

I’m still planning on losing another 10 lbs, gradually, over the next 4-6 months. I think I could do it faster, but I don’t feel like I’m in a real rush.  I’ve dramatically changed the way I think about food, meals and exercise and am seriously indebted to Jon for giving me the only birthday present I wanted for my 50th birthday this past July.

See Lisa among the other members of EET’s Metabolic Hall of Fame HERE.


3 thoughts on “Lisa, 50, EET Skeptic Loses 30 Pounds FOR A YEAR! PICS

  1. It’s so encouraging to read your story, Lisa. What a fantastic effort. I can see a few similarities in our background so really hope I have a similar result.

    I’m also finding that it is getting much more comfortable to eat desert type food for breakfast. It just seems the best time of day for me and whilst it was very strange at first, it is more and more acceptable. And from someone who always had breakfast real early, I am gradually pushing the time back.

    Thanks again for your story of weight loss success with the EET plan.

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