Vicki Drops Atkins for EET – goes from 115 to 105 (Lost LAST 10 lbs) in 60 Days!

Meet EET’s lastest success story Vicki.  Lost her last 10 pounds in 2 months starting out at 115 — STARVATION DIET, RIGHT?  Not for Vicki she’s an EETer and one of the BEST at it!  Vicki’s  EET efforts can send a HUGE message to anyone trying to lose weight! (click to enlarge)

NOTE:  This is a long post full of GREAT helpful content.  EET suggests you not only read it but STUDY it!  For those too busy with holiday activity to read this now — here’s a great summary courtesy of Vicki’s Facebook page.  EET is showing up on more and more Facebook pages! 🙂

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Legendary in it’s difficulty, the idea of losing the last 10 pounds stands as one of dieting’s great challenges.  Conventional dieting says it requires even more willpower, fewer calories and more exercise.  As a result, most conventional dieters never get it done, and even the few that do really sacrifice to maintain it.

Well Vicki is no conventional dieter and EET is no conventional diet plan!

Even among EET’s fast growing “Last 10 Club” of successful EETers (yep it’s a REAL CLUB now!) who have lost the “LAST 10 POUNDS” faster and more easily than they ever thought possible, Vicki is very special for two reasons:

1)  Vicki started on EET weighing a mere 115 pounds         and

2)  Vicki has had more fun losing this weight than anybody in dieting history!

Yes, you read that right – FUN in the same sentence as losing weight!

How could Vicki have FUN on EET?

Vicki has followed EET’s most important guidelines better than any other EETer to date – and this allowed her to lose the 10 pounds she could never lose on Atkins or any other diet.

And what exactly are these most important EET guidelines we’re talking about?

Cutting Calories??  NOPE

Increasing Exercise??  NOPE

Predefined Portion Control??  NOPE

Sacrificing the Foods Vicki Loves??  DEFINITELY NOT!!

The most important EET guidelines that Vicki followed to to near perfection were:

FORECASTING, COMMUNICATING and EATING the right types of foods at the right TIMES to maximize her metabolism including ALL the foods Vicki Loves – EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!!

Sound too good to be true?  Take a look at this snapshot of one of Vicki’s Actual Forecasts

(Click to Enlarge)

NOW THAT IS A FUN DIET!  Think she can stay with it??

We’ll let Vicki tell you more because she was nice enough to write all about her EET experience so far.

Congratulations to Vicki!  I’m sure I speak for all EETers (and all others who read this) when I say we admire what you have done and hope to learn to follow EET’s key guidelines as well as you do someday!


By Vicki — EETer since October, 2010

I am so thankful that my OB/GYN, Dr. Caren Reaves, shared the website and information with me on diet and way of life.  My name is Vicki Land and I am going to be 55 yrs old Jan 2011.

I am a person who has never had a weight problem.  In fact, I used to need to gain weight BUT that all stopped when I got into my late 40’s!  UGGG I noticed that little by little weight and fat paunches or love handles began to show up on my body and would not leave.  Now, I am not one for lots of dieting or for too much formal exercise!  I did try 2 or so years the “ATKINS” diet with my dear hubby!  It worked great for him not so much for me… YIKES.


What was I to do now I had turned 50 and it was getting worse?  I was uncomfortable in my jeans and felt so sluggish everyday.  Not to mention that the LOW CARB and HIGH PROTIEN ATKINS way of life I began to find very boring to say the least and for me it was not attainable for a way of life.  I found myself cheating all the time.  Here I was a petite woman of 5’1” and I weighed in at my doctor’s appt at a whopping 120 lbs.  This was unacceptable to me.  I had never weighed over 108lbs.  What was going on inside my body???  I had no idea but I had a feeling perhaps it had something to do with my hormones changing.  I was starving all the time and had terrible food cravings.


Well, at my lowest point on my Facebook Page I saw the post that Dr. Reaves made on how she was losing weight and enjoying the results quite quickly.  THAT PEAKED MY INTEREST FOR SURE!  I’m game I thought. That very night I began to study the website for and I must be honest I found it just a bit confusing.


I stuck with the study and video watching etc and little by little the concept began to sink in.  It was then that I decided to join and write MR. EET an email.  Jon was so nice to me and made me feel like I might be able to have some success so I set up a time for him to call me and help me learn how to make my lifestyle eating plan.


I found this diet or as I like to call it my lifestyle of eating very easy to follow since I had already been so deep into the Atkins plan.  I was already use to eating the low carb and knew which foods would fit right into that group.  What I did have trouble feeling free to do was to eat my “TREAT MEALS” and not feel guilty.  Now that was interesting and it took me about 2 weeks to feel comfortable having what I really wanted to eat at my lunchtime meal.  On my schedule my first meal of the day is also my “Treat Meal” it works best on my body and fat burning.


Before EET, I was a terrible after 6PM grazer!  THE WORST THING TO DO AND BE!  Believe Me I know and have picture proof.  I would only eat say 1 and ½ a meal a day and then be starving by 8PM and I would also wake up at 2AM for more snacks… My metabolism was WAY out of whack.  MR. EET wanted me to eat 3 meals a day beginning at noon and ending with the last one at 6PM if I could.  That was perfect with me except I found I could not EAT all the FOOD that was required.  I did the best I could and found that when I did eat the 3 meals as scheduled when scheduled that I DID NOT get hungry after 6PM.  And if I missed the 3PM meal of mine I WOULD get hungry at night.  And we all know that our bodies do not need food for sitting around watching TV or computer time or sleeping so all that food we eat in the evening hours goes straight to FATTT!!


I also found that if I did get hungry after 6PM I used a little mind control and it was very helpful to know that if I could just wait it out until noon the next day I could have just about whatever I wanted to eat for my TREAT MEAL! I really loved that I could finally have desserts!  I love chocolate….  NICE 😉  Eating what you love and loving what you are eating now how nice is that??

Also, I could not follow this food lifestyle if I did not use the “FORECASTING” that MR. EET teaches us to do.  I take every Sunday night and use my master excel sheet and fill in my activities for the week and all the food I will be eating and at what time I will be eating it.  I then email it to Mr. EET for comments and to make sure I have all the timing right.  Then I can go to the grocery store and pick up the things I need for the week and I’m set.  Very easy and very effective!! 🙂  Keep in mind that I have learned how to be flexible with my forecast now and I can switch things around if I need to and the weight still keeps staying off.

I also follow the “GOLDEN RULE” of eeting  that is IF YOU NEED IT EAT IT AND IF YOU DON’T NEED IT THEN DON’T EAT IT!! Works for me and I always eat until I am full then no more.  I can rarely finish my entire “TREAT MEAL” everyday.  I have also found a way to have my nice glass of wine or a fine tottie and a nap now and then weekly with no excess weight gain.


Now you may wonder about my exercise.  I make sure that daily I am constantly moving doing something whether it is running laundry up and down my stairs, carrying up the groceries, not to mention all my housework.  That in itself is quite the workout.

I also keep 3 Grandchildren ages 11 months, 2 yrs, and newborn every week so my days are very filled with activity.  You may find it funny that I do have a stationary bike in my bedroom but I use it rarely.


I am proud to say that just this morning I am at my final GOAL WEIGHT of 105lbs and I had my hubby look to verify it.  I began EET at Halloween and I had just weighed in at my endocrinologist at 115lbs that very week.  Now at Christmas time I am at 105lbs and I feel that is perfect for me and my body.   Thank you so much to MR. EET and to my friend and physician Dr. Caren Reaves who clued me in on this one!!

Vicki Smith Land

One Happy EETER


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