EET International Success Story Noel Update – 16 lbs lost!

This pic has nothing to do with this post
It’s the Famous “Oinkster” Pistrami Sandwich   Mr. EET had near LA last week on his way home from vacation.
Noel needs to send me some pics for future posts but Mr. EET had FUN eating this one and wanted to share it!

Check out Noel’s progress in his latest article on Hive Media  – 16 pounds lost so far — way to go Noel!

You can see his forecast and workout routine in this article as well — also remember, I’ve never met Noel (he’s in the Phillipines) or even spoken with him.  All his success has occurred by watching EET videos, and via email and instant messages.

So if EET can guide him, we can guide you too!  Here’s the link to his update:

EET continues its magic! How I lost 16 pounds in 11 weeks with NO food restrictions!



EETers have successfully identified 15 of the 20+ EET keys I used on my vacation day I discussed in my video yesterday.  Great job EETers!

EETer’s GET ON EET’s FORUM (register there if you haven’t already) and read all the details and chime in with your own thoughts and experiences.

It’s a great way to learn EET which means MORE WEIGHT LOSS WHILE HAVING FUN FOR YOU!



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