Myth Busted: 10 UNHEALTHY Foods for Weight Loss that will surprise you.

Here’s 10511 all in one fun HEALTHY treat- VERY LEAN Pistrami (as lean as turkey!) veggie sandwich with cole slaw and mustard on a low carb tortilla – added spinach after pic was taken–  EXCELLENT!

Here’s some foods to be wary about as published by Hive Health Media

Surprising List of 10 UNHEALTHY Foods for Weight Loss

EETers should also go watch the Core Foods Video- #12 in EET’s Member video Library to learn more and continue to improve their food choices so they can eat MORE foods they love — NOT LESS!

Plus check out this comment by an EETer from a different blog post — THIS IS WHAT EET IS ALL ABOUT!

“I admit that I do not have any knowledge of spices or cooking. And, now that you mention it, I am terribly undisciplined. Horribly, in fact. I have an uncontrollable sweet tooth and daily cravings for certain foods and I admit that. Interesting thing with EET is, those things didn’t matter. The plan still worked very well for me.” (lost 20 pounds so far)


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