Toni @1 yr w/ EET: Loses 20 lbs was Size 10 now 4! SMOKIN’ HOT PIC!

Toni’s last update on EET’s blog was in  September 15, 2010 and she looked HOT.

But, Mr. EET took the new picture at the top of this post in January 2011.  A pic of Toni holding some of the best coffee cake we’ve ever eaten.  (We got it HERE).


Oh yeah, 4 months later, Toni still looks great too! 🙂


A little over a year ago, Toni thought she might try to lose 10 pounds after watching her good friend Mrs. EET lose weight effortlessly using EET.

Good thought!  1 YEAR after starting EET, Toni is down 20 pounds and down from a size 10 to a SIZE 4!

Those numbers are more than good enough to qualify her for:

EET’s Metabolic Hall of Fame for those who are at OR BELOW their goal weight after 1 year!


Quick note to Toni – Uhhh, yeeahh  I decided to go ahead and use that coffee cake pic for your EET Hall of Fame “portrait”.

I’m sure you understand 🙂

Here’s Toni’s “EET HOF acceptance speech”  in her own words:

Its my one year anniversary of becoming an EETer! It has been a great year!  I’ve gone from a size 10 to a size 4.  I lost the weight within 3 months and 9 months later I am maintaining.  I am back to my high school weight–which I never imagined I would ever see again.

The plan has been amazing. I eat more food now then I did before. I used to skip breakfast and lunch and often only eat dinner and I never lost weight. It wasn’t that I was trying to lose weight, but basically, that was my lifestyle. I work in an office. Would get up with no time to eat and would be so busy that I would often skip lunch (although I always had time for coffee)!  I never thought I could change my habits. I’ve given up my morning coffee for a cup of green tea. I’ve changed jobs during the year and now I am travelling 4-5 DAYS EVERY WEEK.  Despite expense account breakfasts, lunches and dinners, I’ve maintained my weight loss with the help of EET, intervals and green tea!

I am surprised that not everyone is willing to try EET.  You get to continue to eat the food you love!  I am a sugar addict and I have never had to give up my morning pastry!

Thank you, Jon!

Any questions for Toni comment on this post or email us at and we can get you in touch with her!


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