SURVEY: Defining Diet Success for EET, 4 Hour Body, Weight Watchers, etc

The Quest Begins for the True Holy Grail of Weight Loss — WHAT IS DIET SUCCESS?

As a big part of achieving  EET’s mission to revolutionize weight loss and fitness we really want to

Develop a standard definition of diet success.

This could force accountability on the many diet and fitness plans out there to then keep track of their “success rate” and then dieters could use this information as a big part of their decision on which diet plan to try.

Right now, diet plans can parade 50 people who have tried their plan and lost weight in the first month and scream about how AMAZINGLY SUCCESSFUL their plan is without any regard for what happens to these people after 6 months, 1 year or longer.

That does not seem right to EET.  We believe in SUSTAINABILITY, even if it means less weight loss.

And this is the heart of the problem.  It’s this vague definition of success that has most dieters “yo-yoing” away because they will try any plan that will get them to their goal weight FAST–without regard for STAYING there!

On the other hand,  if you don’t lose weight pretty quick, and keep losing it, motivation and confidence in your plan fades and you are just as likely to drop off your plan.

So, even though defining diet success is far more complicated than most people realize, EET is DETERMINED to establish a standard definition and see all plans PUBLISH STATISTICS based on this definition.

Not an easy task, but hey, we figured out how to eat Dilly Bars every day and lose lots of weight — we can do this too!

The above survey is the start.  Please vote and let’s see what people are thinking out there.    Feel free to comment with your opinions too.


3 thoughts on “SURVEY: Defining Diet Success for EET, 4 Hour Body, Weight Watchers, etc

  1. Very good points. I’d like to add one more. Many people have an unrealistic weight-loss goal or ideal weight, thus also the reason they want to lose more weight and get discouraged when they don’t reach said weight. It took me two years to lose 176 pounds and never once did I think to stop doing it. Once I lost 5 pounds I knew what I was doing was working and worth it. I think if we all just slow down a bit, become more realistic and recognize a life change as opposed to a temporary diet, we might all be a bit healthier.

  2. Hey HUJ!

    Thanks for the comment – it’s great that someone with the personal experience and SUCCESS you’ve had shared their views. EET is going to keep expanding this topic until we have a fair definition of diet success that most people can agree to (we’ll NEVER have 100% agreement–we both know that :-), so I hope you’ll follow us and continue to add such great value to the conversation.

    Enjoyed looking around your blog as well — EET’s readers would do well to pay you a visit — you are one of the rare one’s out there who has found a way to lose weight and keep it off–congratulations on your success and thanks again for reading and commenting!

    EET Fitness

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