Joni uses EET BABY STEPS to Lose 18 lbs in 90 Days! Details, PICS

EETer Joni’s face shows just how sweet it can be to lose 18 pounds EETing without deprivation.

Her new body seems to agree! (click to enlarge)


Every EET success story is thrilling to Mr. EET.  But Joni may now be my favorite.  Here’s why:

1)  She lost 18 pounds FAST using EET with ONLY 1 EET CONSULTATION!

2)  She learned more about EET by watching and studying EET’s Member Videos!

3)  She built her EET plan based on THE LEAST amount of EET’s guidelines she could handle and still achieve weight loss.  That, my friends, is EET PROGRESSIONS = BABY STEPS and it also should sound very familiar to anyone who’s read this:

EET Secret Formulas For Weight Loss Fitness And More


I can stop feeling like this guy!

Here’s Joni’s take, in her own words,  on her EET experience so far, with a LOT of details on how she built HER EET plan – hope everyone reads it and keeps working on building theirs!

The past 90 days I’ve modified parts and pieces of the EET Fit program.  I’ve lost 18 pounds with a goal to lose 7 lbs more.

It began with our first consultation.  I watched the videos and made a “deal” with myself as to what I could be successful at and what I could commit to for 2 or 3 days a weeks. My adjustments have been minor with bigger results than I anticipated.  The video’s that caught my eye most were the EET’s Deal, PreBed Guidelines and the 10511 with Water Water Water.

The first couple weeks I did some of the strength and cardio exercises prior to eating lunch and dinner to increase my metabolic window.  After the first couple weeks,

I got lazy and I have not continued with the exercise portion of the program.

I began this program right before Thanksgiving, so I allowed myself several completely free days over the Holidays and enjoyed my foods because I selected 2 or 3 days a week where I was really good.

I have gradually worked up to 4 modified days a week and 3 free days

I am committed to the following:
Water Water Water
Coffee in the morning
No morning carbs for at least 2 hours and if possible no carbs till lunch
Sweets at lunch or early afternoon
I’ve cut out a lot of cheese – I love cheese and will still have a couple times a week
If I have carbs at night, I try to have smaller portions, but really I try to have carbs before 5pm. We go out to dinner a lot!
Decaf green tea at night

Foods I’ve worked into my diet:
water water water
Carb control tortillas
Almond butter vs Peanut butter
Greek Yogurt that I add frozen or fresh blueberries to
Green Tea, decaf
More fish, more protein and more vegetables

What I am committing to for the next 90 days:
I will continue with the plan above — it is actually very EASY
6 minutes of interval cardio and/or strength training a day to increase my metabolic window
After successfully working 6 minutes of exercise a day into my schedule, I will build up to 15 minutes a day

Thanks Jon for your program!  I still don’t understand how little modifications can make such a BIG difference!


Well, Joni, EET understands how!   FINALLY!  THANK YOU GOD AND JONI!!

Hopefully your very inspiring story will convince other EETers who put WAY too much pressure on themselves to take a step back, stop trying be perfect DIETERS and actually LEARN EET — because your BABY STEPS approach is EXACTLY how EET was designed and it can produce weight loss success for everyone!



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