Hey Mr. EET! Can you please LEAVE ME ALONE?

Cleo shows Mr. EET’s feelings about EETers he’s not helping succeed.

Thought this was the perfect follow up to yesterday’s post from our latest EET Success Story Joni.

Hey Mr. EET!

I know you want me to use EET consultations, but, I’m just not comfortable sharing personal details of my issues and frustrations.  I just need to be left alone to work through this and figure out how to make EET work for me. Thanks again.

Your Fan:

Likes to EET Alone


Dear Likes to EET Alone:

Thanks for the note.  I appreciate your honesty.

Everything in EET is guidelines and not rules, and that includes consultations.

But never forget why you joined EET :

To meet your weight loss and fitness goals!

How do you know if your EET plan is “on track” to be successful?  Let me give you a quick checklist:

  1. Are you are seeing at least gradual, consistent weight loss ON THE SCALE.

  2. Are you are eating foods you love at the right times often enough to feel GREAT about being on EET?

  3. Will you send an update to EET every week (for the first 2-3 months) with your progress (good or bad) and ask a few questions to learn more and help you find ways to continue your progress?

EET can tell you from experience it’s a big mistake to avoid regular consultations if you can’t honestly answer all 3 of the above questions YES.

Just be aware that EVERY successful EETer to date can answer yes to all 3 questions.  You should contact some of them via the forum or I can give you their emails (eetfit@gmail.com).

You have to make the call if you are going to use EET consultations, but before you make a final decision, honestly answer the checklist above and please understand why EET pushes consultations so hard.


So, really be honest and answer the above checklist,  give it some thought and do what’s best to help you reach the goals you joined EET for and have wanted to reach for many years – you’ll be very glad you did.


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