New EET Update Form on EET’s Website – VIDEO

EET adds yet another feature that no one asked for!  That means it WILL help you lose weight! 🙂

EET has a new feature for you!  We added a very easy EET Daily/Weekly Update Form on EET’s Website.  At the end of this post is a tutorial video on how to find and use it.

Of course you can still email us directly ( at any time if you prefer, but we figured if you check in on the site 1 or more times a week, you might also watch a member video, or check out some Member Q and A.

Every little bit of knowledge helps in your weight loss and fitness efforts!  And ONE good idea could be all it takes to take you to an entirely new level of sustainable weight loss, so it will certainly be TIME well spent!

So give EET’s new update form a try- even though you didn’t ask for it – that’s your first clue it will help you! Plus, there’s no risk, and it could result in MORE WEIGHT LOSS! 🙂



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