Run a Marathon Training only 20 Minutes a Day- VIDEO EET Intervals Demo

Big Squeeze from Squeeze Inn Napa –One of Mr. EET’s Training Meals in Preparation for the        Napa Marathon

Mr. EET has a lot of fun talking about all the great food EETers eat, but many EETers have proven that EET can more than hold its own in improving fitness, and we get GREAT RESULTS keeping our exercise sessions to 20-30 minutes.

Why exercise more if you’re happy with your results?

So, just how fit can you get with EET’s 20-30 minute workouts? Well, one way to describe it would be

Marathon Fit!

(Don’t care about marathon training? This video is STILL FOR YOU!  See reasons below)

*Full disclosure: I did do 5 practice runs a few weeks before the Marathon – distances were 3, 8, 15, 16 and 8 miles–just to get my 47 year old joints ready for 4 hours of pounding – could have made it cardio wise with no practice runs.

Trust me, once you’ve worked your intensity counts up a bit, 26 miles of jogging is relatively easy compared to the intensity of these EET interval workouts.

Here’s some good reasons EVERYONE should learn more about EET Intervals:

1) EVERYONE can do EET Intervals starting from any level of fitness.

2) EET Intervals produce more fitness in less time

3) EET Intervals are far more effective than endurance workouts and can be done in any weather, with no gym or equipment needed.

4) EET Intervals include progressions which produce changes to your metabolism = WEIGHT LOSS!

5) EET Intervals along with proper Eating Timing allows for very fast recovery and reduced risk of injuries.

Fitness will never rival the fun EETers have eating. But fitness can be fun – especially if it doesn’t take too long and let’s you DO MORE things you love (hiking, riding, tennis, playing with your kids, shopping, etc) and let’s you meet your weight loss and fitness goals EETing MORE of the foods you love! :-).

And that’s what EET Fitness is all about.

More info and resources on EET’S Marathon and Interval Training:

Sorry P90x , It’s EET’s Muscle Mastery over Muscle Confusion Every Time

Napa Marathon Completed w/only 5 Training Runs

EET: Marathon Eating Plan And Notes Before-During-After

Mrs. and Sister EET’s HALF MARATHON HUGE SUCCESS! How’d EET Know? 🙂


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