EETers Say the Darndest Things About Losing Weight on EET!

Mr. EET’s Post Workout “Protein Shakes”. EET TIP: Always get 2 small Frosty’s instead of 1 large– cost less and you get more!

Here are some recent comments about The EET Fitness Plan from real EET Members that we thought readers might find interesting.  Note: We did not get permission to share some quotes because they are visible in a public forum, but if anyone wants their quote taken down, please contact EET asap and we will remove it.


Some words of wisdom from Noel who has now lost 30 POUNDS using EET!

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Here’s the latest from Facebook – some EETers having fun while losing weight!

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Here’s a couple of comments from recent emails

Is it okay to use this form for my “forecasts” – I’ll do it today- if not let me know. LOVE THIS!!!! GREAT IDEA! (THIS FORM IS WHAT THEY ARE REFERRING TO)

And this:

Personally, I can wholeheartedly recommend Mr. Pearlstone.  His enthusiasm and passion for helping people achieve optimum health is refreshingly earnest.  His approach to clients is accessible and I’ve never seen someone take such an individualized interest in every single client, making sure he can help each person succeed.

And last but most certainly not least — From EET’s newest Diabetic Member you met HERE – EVERYONE should work on their timing but look how CRITICAL it is for diabetics–especially when they are new to EET.

Okay, got the message…DO NOT deviate from the diet at all, no more treats unless at noon meal.  Exercise is to be done at noon.

Here’s the story on this one:

EETer had changed her carefully forecasted exercise time from Pre Lunch to Pre Dinner and had passed on her forecasted treat midday thinking she did not need it but later in the evening was faced with a treat and decided to eat it.

Blood Glucose Readings                                             Lunchtime                      Dinnertime

Day Member changed forecasted schedule              164                                           179

Next Day when member got back on schedule        81                                             113

Ya think TIMING matters for weight loss, fitness and optimal health?  If you don’t, YOU WILL!

We hope the comments keep coming.  You can bet, we’ll be doing all we can to make sure they stay this positive too!


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