Hey Mr. EET! What’s the Best Thing You Ever Ate? DESSERT – Top 5

Hey Mr. EET!

I bet you’ve seen the show:

You’re always showing pictures of your treat meals.  So what’s “The Best Thing You Ever Ate”?

This oughta be good 🙂


Luv My Treats (too much of the time – working on it!)

Dear Luv My Treats:

What a GREAT question!   Some of you EETers are starting to really get the hang of this thing — This is all part of LOVING YOUR DIET – REACHING YOUR WEIGHT LOSS AND FITNESS GOALS EATING ALL THE TREATS YOU LOVE AT THE CORRECT TIMES! But how to love TIMING treats is another question for another day.

So, what is the best thing I ever ate?  I have to do what the show does and break it down by category.  I’m gonna start with my biggest area of expertise and go with DESSERT = FUN!

Wow – tough call —  there are so many great great choices out there.  I will share my top 5:

5. Chocolate Bundt Cake with Caramel Filling and Chocolate Glaze Icing

This is my”one that got away”.  I can’t even find a picture of the damn thing – kind of looked like the one above.  They sold it at Smart and Final, then they stopped for no good reason.  They did me a favor, this thing was my kryptonite.  It’s about the only food I kept needing to eat at all the wrong times, but GOD I miss it!

4. Costco Chocolate Dipped Ice Cream Bar with Toasted Almonds

Costco!  Really?  DON’T JUDGE ME unless you’ve tried this!  Incredible french vanilla ice cream dipped in even better milk chocolate hardshell and then covered in toasted almonds.  It’s an amazing mixture of sweet, salty and savory–so good!  And, it’s HUGE — for the price (around $2) this might be the best dessert deal going.  TRY IT AND THEN TELL ME I’M WRONG!

3. DQ Hard Shell Malt Blizzard – “The Mrs. EET Special”

I’m amazed and embarrassed to admit I don’t have a picture of one of these blizzards, but they are so good, I always remember to take one when I’m half finished with it.   DQ vanilla ice cream, blended with the DQ chocolate hardshell they use for dipped cones, and lots of malt powder.   Sounds simple, right?  You try explaining it to the person behind the counter — it’s not on the menu so they get all confused!  BUT once they get it right, this thing is as good as it gets, especially at the end when you scrape off all the hardshell that stuck to the bottom.  Over the holidays I really liked the special “Reindeer Bites” Blizzard, but Mrs. EET knows her ice cream, and this hard shell malt blizzard is easily the best.

2. Mom’s/Mrs. EET’s Blonde Brownies

I’m not a huge brownie/fudge fan, so you KNOW these brownies have got to be great to be #2 on Mr. EET’s BEST THING EVER list.  My Mom made these for us as kids, sent them to me at college, and gave the recipe to Mrs. EET who seems to be whipping up a batch nearly every week to send to our EET Jr’s at college.   I’m not even sure what’s in there — brown sugar, chocolate chips, more brown sugar, maybe some white sugar too?  Doesn’t matter.  Mom EET and Mrs. EET know how to make em and that works for me!  They actually get better and chewier after a day or two!

1.  Kimo’s Hula Pie – Maui

Just look at the ingredients below.    And you’re eating it in paradise which just adds to the enjoyment.  It’s also huge which is important to Mr. EET –  it’s the “end game” of all desserts!

  • Macadamia Nut Ice Cream

  • Chocolate Cookie Crust

  • Chocolate Fudge

  • Whipped Cream

  • Macadamia Nuts on top

Honorable Mention:

  • Bi-Rite Creamery Salted Caramel Ice Cream

  • Royal Sweet Bakery’s Maple Custard Donuts (other places too but these are 1 mile from my house and cost $1!),

  • Cheesecake Factory Dulce DeLeche or Pumpkin Cheesecake, and of course

  • DQ Dilly Bars!

  • So many others!  To all my dessert friends, if I left you out I apologize — I still love you!

NOTE:  Other than hula pie, none of the many high end “gourmet desserts” I’ve had can touch the desserts on this list imho (although Extraordinary Desserts in San Diego is tough to ignore).  But, in general save your money and go get a FUN dessert after the gourmet meal!

AND FINALLY, if you’re reading this — let me throw the question back at you.  Let’s see YOUR best dessert(s) you ever ate — even an “expert” like Mr. EET can always learn something new!


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