EETer Bill Loses 15 lbs in 90 Days w/Fine Wine, Restaurants and Nutella!? PICS

EET’s Timing “Diet” works just fine for big guys with big appetites (Bill is 6’5″)


EET’s latest success story, Bill, proves how FUN Eating and Exercise TIMING (EET) can be.  Bill’s work requires quite a bit of restaurant dining, and regular fine wine drinking.   And Bill also enjoys his Nutella, which ain’t exactly “diet food”.

Hey, when EET Fitness tells you we can build a plan for you with NO FOOD RESTRICTIONS, we mean it 🙂

And now, less than 2 months into 2011, when most people are off their New Year’s resolutions and have nothing to show for it, Bill has dropped those “last 15 pounds”, and is enjoying his EETing and ready to lose more.

Here’s what Bill has to say about his EET experience to date:

My name is Bill Reaves.  I am in my late 40’s, have a highly irregular work schedule and work in the wine business (a tough business to manage your weight since I am out eating and drinking wine all the time!).  I get into the gym about 3 times a week and have great blood pressure and an exceptionally low resting heart rate as my workouts include extensive cardio.

Despite all my efforts to lose weight, I rarely succeeded in losing more than 4 or 5 pounds and then put them right back on a couple of weeks later.  EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING!!!

I then watched my wife (who despises working out!) get on your EETFIT plan and was blown away by her results in a relatively short period.  All I can say is she looks fabulous!

Dr. (MD) Tries EET – Loses 14 Pounds FAST – PICS!

I was still a little skeptical of EETFIT, but decided to give it a try.   I joined EETFIT, and communicated with Jon via phone and e-mail.  We discussed my daily schedule and my workout routine.  I received from Jon a simple plan.  It is customized to me and extremely easy to follow (at home and on the road).

I have not felt this good in a long time!  To date, I have lost 15 pounds and I am within five pounds of my weight when I graduated from high school!  I’ve lost the majority of the weight around my waist (though I have a little more work to do in that area) and my muscle tone is improving.

The best part is I do not have to starve myself like we all think we have to in order to lose weight.  I still get to eat the things I like (Nutella is my kryptonite) and I am finding that I rarely get hungry in between meals!  I may deviate from my plan from time to time, but it is not hard to get back on track.

For those who still don’t believe this plan works, just look at the before and after pictures of my wife and I.  Give EETFIT a try.  You will not be disappointed!  THANKS MR EET!!!!

Women, men, older, younger, perfectly healthy, diabetic, lots to lose or just those last 10-15, exercise freaks or couch potatoes.  EET’s TIMING guidelines are working for ALL OF THESE FOLKS.  EET is thrilled that Bill has joined the growing group of successful EETers.  He seems pretty happy about it too!

Many thanks to Bill for sharing his story and welcome to EET’s LAST 10 Club!


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