Noel Stays w/ EET vs 4 Hour Body Diet and Loses 30 LBS! PICS

Noel’s looking good and loving EET after EETing away 30 pounds!

EET’s readers have met Noel before.  His story has been a completely “open book” as he’s blogged his EET experience from DAY 1 and how he shifted from the 4 Hour Body Diet over to The EET Fitness Plan.  If you need to catch up read these:

EETer Noel Blogs His Experience REAL TIME

The 4 Hour Body Vs. EET Fitness – He’s Tried Both


Now, just 4 short months later, he updates you on his 30 pound weight loss using EET.  And this chapter is a real thriller for EET fans!  Here’s an excerpt that was a page turner for Mr. EET!


Here’s another sampling of some of the other treat meals I consume from time to time:


3 KFC chicken pieces (I like a mix of crispy and original flavor)

1 plate macaroni salad

1 plate coleslaw

1 large glass root beer

1 large root beer float with vanilla ice cream


1 large plate ribs

1 plate french fries

1 side dish shrimp

1 plate mixed vegetables

1 large glass root beer

1 large slice cheese cake


1 Burger King Whopper

Large Onion Rings

Side Salad

3 Krispy Kreme Donuts

Check out the 4 other sample treat meals in my previous article.

Man, EET LOVES a good action story with lots of treats – need PICS next time, Noel!

Anyway, Noel has a lot more to say, especially in his “Final Thoughts”.  Here’s an excerpt from that:

It really boggles my mind that my progress has continued the way it has without me changing a whole lot to my overall program. I’m still eating a lot of good food literally every day of the week, and I’m constantly keeping my exercises fun and challenging. Whether or not my metabolism has truly adapted to me wanting to be slimmer or whatever else, I really appreciate the fact that I’ve made it this far without a whole lot of work or willpower required.

This is EET’s kind of story!  FUN and SUCCESSFUL while eating what you love!  Way to go Noel — looking forward to future updates.

Read Noel’s entire update on Hive Media HERE

30 lbs lost after 4 months on EET! New After Pic!





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