EET: 5 lb Weight Loss in a WEEK for Lisa, Ryan, 3 More on New DiEET Plan!

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Check out what EETer Lisa did last week!  She lost 5 pounds (she doesn’t have much more to lose!) on EET’s DiEET Plan of TIMING a conventional diet and didn’t even know it.  6 Other EETers also went on DiEET and 4 of them lost over 5 lbs last week as well!

EET has always known that if you would do a conventional diet and use EET’s timing Guidelines, you could lose weight FAST without starvation dieting.  We have had EETers do this in the past, in fact we wrote about one here:

New EET Member Doug Loses 15 lbs in 1st 12 Days – Emails

Well, last week, Ryan, who has known about EET for some time,  called and said he was motivated to use EET for the fastest weight loss possible, We’ve had a few other EETers asking for the same thing so we put together a new LOSE WEIGHT FAST TIMING DIET called:

6 Days later, Ryan has lost 7 ½ LBS!  PLUS 3 of the other 6 EETers who started last week have each lost 5 lbs or more too (ALL 6 LOST WEIGHT)!

We will have them share some thoughts in a blog post soon, so you can hear what they thought about DiEET—but after 1 week and 5+ lbs lighter, they are not complaining!

Basically, DiEET is a low calorie Diet (not a STARVATION diet – it’s 1,000-1200 carefully timed calories per day), but using EET’S TIMING guidelines. It’s designed to take out all the guesswork by giving you a script with a few choices at each properly timed meal.  Here’s the form DiEETers fill out each day and submit via EET’s Website:

The most important part of this plan is that DiEETers can finish their DiEET in 2 weeks (or less if they like) and have a basic timing plan in place.  This timing pattern can then be adjusted into a more standard EET plan that allows for a lot more food to be phased in over time—but they can continue to lose weight as their metabolism becomes more and more efficient thanks to EET’s Timing guidelines – so DiEETers are not in “diet jail” – it’s just a 2 week jump start and then they start to build their EET plan for the long haul!

DiEET is now available to ALL EET Members AT NO CHARGE if they want to try to lose a lot of weight in a 2 week period.  Just email us at

DiEET will be offered to non members soon as well.

We’ll have more info on DiEET here on EET’s blog very soon.  Meanwhile, congrats to the DiEETers – you’re taking the first step to permanent weight loss using the EET Fitness Plan!


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