The Eating and Exercise Timing (EET) Fitness Plan is very proud to update our newest Diabetic EETer’s Doctor’s test results.  They have been following EET’s Diabetic Guidelines for ONE MONTH and have been graciously willing to share results with EET’s readers.

For those who are not up to date, here is the original blog post from 3 weeks ago:

EET DIABETIC DIET – SUCCESS IN 1 WEEK! #’s to Prove it! Results vs Mayo Clinic Plan – FREE TRIAL

MARCH 1, 2011

Results from doctors appointment:

All my numbers improved.  LDL Cholesterol was 85 (doctor wants it to be below 100), Triglycerides were 133, blood pressure was 120/68. I’ve been taken off blood pressure pills for now and morning insulin has been decreased from 18cc to 16cc.

Doctor loved the diet.  Now for the bad news…..A1c was 8.0 (note: it was 8.2 last reading).  The doctor said this was okay, because that is a three month average.  Remember before I started with you my glucose numbers were from around 295 to 500, which is why the A1c was so high.  Doctor expects it to lower by my next 3 month visit.

I’ll keep you posted   Morning glucose (March 1, 2011) reading was 111, noon reading was 86.

Readings of 111 and 86!  Those are close to what our EETer has been seeing for WEEKS now DOWN FROM 250-500 ON LESS MEDICATION AND LESS INSULIN!  But let’s have them tell you how great these results are….

I know.  This is so exciting.

I’m in shock.  My numbers were so high and now that they are so low I just can’t believe it.  I’m speechless….

And here’s EET’s reply — The same thing we would say to ALL Diabetics who become EETers:

Well, our job is far from finished — so we hope to shock you beyond shock in the next year or so.

NOTE:  If anyone is interested in our members chart of DAILY Blood Glucose readings, please email us at  We have permission to send them to you—it would come in an excel format like this one but would be extended through March 1 readings:

(click to enlarge — write us if you want the updated version through March 1, 2011)


EET has a couple of new Diabetic EETers starting this week (WELCOME!  EET’S SO GLAD YOU’RE HERE!), but we’re still planning on proving EET’s effectivenss for Diabetics over a larger trial group.

If you are a Type 2 diabetic or diagnosed as Pre-Diabetic and are interested or know someone who might be, please have them contact us at There will be no fee for their participation in this trial.

Don’t put this off for too long, EET CAN HELP YOU and we have some groups considering offering EET on a larger scale and once we have enough members we will close the Free Trial.


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