EET Diabetic Diet AGAIN! 1st 5 Days 8 lbs LOST Insulin DOWN Blood Glucose BETTER w/Ice Cream and Snickers !

New Diabetic EETer’s ACTUAL journal page from 3/7/11.  Historical Document?  EET thinks so! 🙂

The Eating and Exercise Timing Fitness Plan has done it again with EET’s Diabetic Timing Diet!

Our newest Type 2 Diabetic EETer is  VERY important to EET as they are the FIRST Official Participant in EET’s Diabetic Diet Trial (trial is growing quickly now!  More on this later this week)

If you are new to EET’s Blog, you can learn about the astounding results EET has produced to date here:

EET DIABETIC DIET – SUCCESS IN 1 WEEK! #’s to Prove it! Results vs Mayo Clinic Plan – FREE TRIAL

Our new EETer is just starting, but we already have an update worth sharing!

5 days into their plan here’s what we’ve seen:

  • Blood Glucose Readings – Steady and Dropping

(they were consistently over 150 and up to 250 before starting, and have dropped to 150 or less – here’s yesterdays readings for example:

  • Insulin use:  Has already been able to reduce slightly


  • Oh and the dreaded EXERCISE?  EET has added 5 Minutes or so a day so far!

Apparently, 1/2-1 Snickers a day is keeping the Diabetes Away using EET’s Timing Diet!

Are we starving our new EETer to achieve such great results?

Hardly.  In addition to a PROPERLY TIMED nutritious menu that includes the proper balance of proteins, carbs, fats and fiber that THEY HELPED DESIGN, they are also enjoying some daily ice cream, 1/2 snickers bar (their decision–we could do a whole one!) and even splurged at their night class for a couple of brownies without spikes in their blood glucose.

And just how many calories a day are they eating?  We have NO IDEA because EETers don’t need to count ’em!


Uhhh, NOTHING.  As stated, this is a FREE Trial.  And no, EET does not sell pills, supplements or special prepackaged Meals.  Diabetic EETers eat REAL FOOD that they can buy at the grocery store of their choosing.

EET simply provides the consulting for the timing diet that fits each EETer and monitors needed adjustments through our EETer’s daily email reports.


We are thrilled that our new EETer has allowed us to use their name.  However, as excited as we are about their great start, other than to share that they are 50+ years old and have been diabetic for many years, we feel it’s best to wait a little bit before providing more personal details on EET’s Blog, but if you want to communicate with them now DIRECTLY I’m sure it can be arranged.

Just write us at and we’ll get you all set up!

Congrats to our new EETer on an amazing start with EET’s Diabetic Timing Diet Trial – we will do all we can to make sure it only gets better from here!

And we hope you’ll subscribe to EET’s blog or at least check in often because we have more great updates coming very soon!

NOTE:  If you are a Type 2 diabetic or diagnosed as Pre-Diabetic and are interested or know someone who might be, please have them contact us at There will be no fee for their participation in this trial.


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