Top 5 Member Weight Loss “EET Treats” From The Last Week

An EXCELLENT EET Treat last night at Candy Bar in SF — Called Peanut Butter Jelly Time!  More “tasty” EET Treats Below.  (note — the above pic is from Candy Bar Website — as you’ll see below–the place is dark and Mr. EET doesn’t have a flash camera!)

Here are the Top 5 “EET Treats” — comments from communications in the last week between EETers and EET Fitness:

If you like any of these or if you were the EETer involved and you want to expand on these helpful Top 5 communications—feel free to add a comment!

#5  Mr. EET sets up yet another unique forecast

“Okay, so that totals 10 Treat Meals out of 14 meals next week – I think we can still see weight loss.  Do you think you’ll need more than that?”

Another unique treat.  Mr. EET’s Barbecued Quail and Hummus as part of dinner at Jannah in SF.  Tastes like chicken! (not really, it was good!) Much better lighting than the Candy Bar!

#4  Properly Timed Cake and no exercise ?? We like it!

Subject:  cool, huh?

I know I told you I’ve been maintaining my weight. while remaining pretty sedentary because of all the pain and treatments, but I forgot to tell you the fun part…..that I still eat my serving of Bakery chocolate indulgence cake every day! How’s that for a diet that rocks!! =) Thanks, Jon.

(Now, maybe if I gave up on the cake, I’d start losing, but what fun is that?!!) ha. I think I’ll just hang tight with the cake-EATing til I get well, and then I’ll work some Swedish intervals in there or something so I can have my cake and lose weight anyway. =)Well, just thought I’d brighten your inbox with some fun news. 

Your chocolate-cake-EETing friend,

EETer Name Withheld

And after Mr. EET asked if I could print this email – I got this response:

Sure, no problem. =) Yeah, I’d probably rather you save the name for WHEN I get into the HOF…..I’ll get there one day.   Thanks for all your help!

Did you REALLY think Mr. EET would just have one dessert? Sorry for the lighting!

#3  It’s not you, it’s EET!

Mr. EET’s Reply to EETer’s update:

Don’t try to do EET alone– It’s not that you’re not incredibly intelligent and talented– it’s because your great intelligence and talent is full of ideas about weight loss that either don’t work or are not sustainable and they will win if you don’t let me guide you!

Mr. EET had to try some of Jarrah’s Lamb Chili as well — interesting but it’s a no go for me – some good  FIBER though!

#2  Okay, maybe it IS you?

As soon I learned some of the EET Timing Guidelines from  XXXX,   I started incorporating some of her tips and we are having success! I have lost Xlbs and my husband has lost Xlbs (a LOT!) in one week!

Mr. EET’s note:  After that amazing 1st week – NOW they are joining EET!  This should be an easy consultation!

And did you REALLY think Mrs. EET would not “step up to the plate” at a place called The Candy Bar?

#1  Match made in Heaven.  EET and Vicki Land


It’s me VICKI LAND!! 🙂   All is good here.

Here is my EET forecast for this week.

EVERYTHING IS GREAT!!!  The Chocolate 85% Cocoa 2 squares and the wine every other day is doing the trick.  (Vicki had fallen 2-3 pounds BELOW her goal weight so EET suggested some properly timed treats to get back into range—tough diet eh?)

I have even eaten more than usual this last week or so, I HAVE HAD COMPANY — AND my weight is just where I want it and I feel good with it.   I have been staying steady every Monday and Friday at 105 lbs and that is where I need to be….

Thank you for that hint of adding WINE and CHOCOLATE  — No really unbelieveable.

Have a good week and if you see something on my forecast you don’t like please text, call or email me back.


Note from Mr. EET:  Vicki, if you want your email off just let me know but you are so amazing I figure you can probably help people understand EET better than I can.  Therefore, you are now an EET consultant too (the pay sucks but we do get to help people do things they never believed they could do)!


4 thoughts on “Top 5 Member Weight Loss “EET Treats” From The Last Week

  1. Don’t mind at all JON!! I love my EET program and would be happy to
    speak with anyone who needs a little help. Better go time for my tottie
    and snack!!

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