EET Diabetic Timing Diet FREE Trial UPDATE- SF, Dallas, Portland Next Week!

EET Fitness is very excited to announce that we are rapidly enrolling new EETers in our FREE Trial of EET’s very promising Diabetic Timing Diet.

For some EETers, our diet is already well on the way to fulfilling it’s promise and then some—here is yet another remarkable update from one of our EETers!

SUMMARY OF EETer’s CHART (click to enlarge)

1.  Check out that drop from January to their last 2 days readings from March 2011 –   From all readings over 250 to not a single reading over 109! Read prior updates you’ll see they have been 150 or less for over a month now!

2.  Below that is a comparison of Morning Fasted Readings.  March 9 reading is amazing given NO INSULIN WAS TAKEN THE NIGHT BEFORE (not by plan-forgot while travelling).  Compare to  100+ points below January avg. and 5 pts below average since starting EET 43 days ago — and those averages were WITH INSULIN!

Not too shabby eh?  It’s still early, but you gotta be stoked when you see results like that, right? 🙂 EET is confident more good updates are to come for many EETers!



We have already enrolled members in the SF Bay Area and Dallas, TX, and next week Mr. EET will be in Portland, OR to meet with, enroll and consult with upwards of 20 more members.

Because of the great success of EET’s diet, and the growing interest in our free trial, we have updated EET’s Website.  If you go to our EET’s Home Page you’ll now find a Diabetic Timing Diet Tab with a lot of information about our Diet and EET’s FREE Trial – so go check it out.

Go to and you can check out our new Diabetic Timing Diet pages (click to enlarge)

And here are direct links to the new resources on

EET’s Free Trial Description, Objectives and Qualficiations

EET Diabetic Assessment Form

EET’s Diabetic Daily Update Form (printable and online submissions)

Results and Recommendations for EET’s Diabetic Timing Diet

Of course you can always contact us at with any questions.

And if you’re interested in meeting with Mr. EET in person next week in Portland (for any reason, you don’t have to be diabetic), I do have a few appointment times on Tuesday – Thursday (March 15-17) day and evening that I could arrange to meet you. (I will be in the South Tabor area).  Just drop me an email at

Looking very forward to meeting everyone in Portland/South Tabor, getting a bunch of new trial members set up on a customized EET plan that will get them to their health and weight loss goals and of course finding some great Portland food to eat (at the right times, of course)

Got one place I’ll be visiting for sure 🙂  But other suggestions are welcome!

NOTE: If you are a Type 2 diabetic or diagnosed as Pre-Diabetic and are interested or know someone who might be, please have them contact us at There will be no fee for their participation in this trial. After next week, we expect over half the FREE Trial Spots will be full so now is the time if you want to try EET!


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